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Scotland Waterfall Cave
Scotland Waterfall Cave (Ragnarok)
Ragnarok Topographic Map
18.2° Lat, 78.8° Lon

Scotland Waterfall Cave is a cave in Scotland.


A small-medium cave in Scotland thinly veiled under a waterfall entrance, consisting of metal , and even a water hole. It's a great place for a base. However, if making a tribe with even 5 people and about 10 tames each will get fairly cramped in here. However, it is perfect for defense as there is only 1 already hidden and easily defended way in, and the metal amount is decent. Great for farmers too, because of the water. It's also close to great locations such as the Dragonmalte Trench and the Redwoods.


This cave has no Creature Spawns, however wild creatures from the surrounding area could easily wander in if the cave isn't settled.



  • Extremely easy to defend
  • This cave is large enough to fit Wyverns and Rexes, and can be easily sealed with a Behemoth gate.
  • Building here will most likely override the Metal spawns.
  • Scotland Crystal Cave (Ragnarok) is very close and good for getting crystal if based out of here.
  • Take note that Giganotosaurus tend to spawn in the plains outside. It's unlikely they'll get in but could cause trouble for you when outside the cave.
  • The large amounts of Equus and Ovis that spawn here make it an excellent place for those who wish to get a meat farm going, and a safe place to stop while taming a herd of Equus.
  • No building is necessary here other than for crafting stations because the temperature is fairly temperate even at night (the lowest it tends to get is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit) and some spots give the home insulation bonus. All you need to control the temperature is a lot of standing torches or a few air conditioners.


Scotland cave waterfall 2

View from inside the cave, looking out

Waterfall cave scotland 1

Interior of cave