ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - March 30, 2016

  • Minimum score-requirement lobby option for hosts
  • Crafting speed reduced by 35% on FFA
  • Charcoal required from burning wood now 3 pieces instead of 4
  • Dinosaur Gather rate reduced in FFA and 2-player lobbies to account for high-gather (natural) rate.
  • The Swarm can no longer happen in the first 20% (time) of the game-mode
  • Can un-equip cosmetic items in the player bubble
  • Adding a CTRL+Key set up to accept Tribe Invites
  • No longer opens Tribe UI if no character has been created
  • No longer display wins in bubble/floating HUD
  • Randomize the spawn platform indices (no longer fixed-locations when coming onto the platform)