SotF 175.1

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Released - July 7, 2016

  • Latest ARK: Survival Evolved codebase merged to SotF, resulting in improved client performance and graphics, and massively improved server performance
  • Brontos now have 40% more explosive damage resistance, and 20% more HP overall
  • 'Beast Within' Event now causes Wild Herbivores to target Tames as well as Players
  • No more RPG's in Hail to the King
  • Carnos tame 29% faster and have 20% more Torpor
  • Buffing Soups can not be used on Tames anymore
  • Ring of Death now drains HP rather than a Timer
  • Narco traps will now affect owner
  • Launch with -SuddenDeathBosses if you want Tameable Bosses to appear during sudden death, can be helpful in breaking stalemates
  • Broodmother minions speed, damage, and HP reduced by 40%