ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Released - August 9, 2016

  • Reduced the ring of death damage amount (33% less per second)
  • Kill gives 25 +hp for all players on the team at 0-time sudden death
  • Added no-build volume to the center-center area (but allowing c4 and ied)
  • Lower flight ceiling at the center of the arena
  • Herbis -60% dmg from explosives, brontos +15% base HP
  • Longer tame time on rex and spino, +15% tame time
  • 25% more longneck durability and slightly lower longneck targeting fov (further zoom in both scoped and unscoped)
  • Dilophosaurus faster tame, -30%
  • +15% melee dmg buff for spear and pike respectively
  • Flyers 50% more stamina loss per second when having a rider
  • Spectator fpv hitmarkers, and modified hitmarkers sound (sorry, we'll make it better!)