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Herbivore island
Herbivore Island
A small Island in the very south-east of the Island.

This island's in-game name is "Wilderness", but is often referred to as South Haven, Southern Island, The Lone Island, or Herbivore Island (but is most commonly referred to as Herbie). Damien's Atoll is the Spawn Entry name and its name on the official cloth map, but the name doesn't show during gameplay. Like the popular name Herbivore Island suggests, its relatively safe since carnivores do not spawn there. However, large herbivores like the Brontosaurus Brontosaurus could become aggro and harm survivors. Also, the nearby waters contain Megalodon. The island's small space and skittish herbivores make for easy hunting. This island is also a good place to complete the “Photography: Herbivores” quest. There are also a good number of metal-rich rocks on the island's single hill. Its bay is deep and great for setting up a port or an aquatic creature pen. The land right on the bay is flat and great for basebuilding, but take care not to build too close to the cliffs, or you'll lose your supply of metal.


The island is directly south of the Southern Islets. The distance from the mainland and lack of carnivores make the island a perfect location for early players or peaceful tribes. This island is rich in metal nodes and is one of the most consistent places to easily obtain metal early on, accessible by swimming (it takes roughly 40 seconds to swim to the island from its closest mainland point with 120+ movement speed) or if you can craft a raft.


Very Common[]




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Recommended Travel Mounts[]

Sarcosuchus/Beelzebufo: Both semi-aquatic mounts will bring you to the island safely, the former will have enough health to survive Manta swarms by getting by on land. Be cautious as aggravated herbivores can cause them harm.

Basilosaurus: By far the best if you wish to tame or explore on the island, you can confidently leave it alone in the crescent cove and it will tear any predators that attack it apart.

Baryonyx: Baryonyxes bred and leveled for health, stamina, melee damage and speed can easily take on Manta Manta swarms and even some Megalodon Megalodons. On land they lose the area stun attack but are still very reliable. Since the water area around the island can be used for Raw Fish Meat and even Raw Prime Fish Meat gathering, it is very recommended that you bring a bred Baryonyx Baryonyx "swarm", a.k.a. riding one and having multiple Baryonyx Baryonyxes set to follow and preferably set to passive until ordering to attack the prey. Very efficient since player can choose which one to mount when one goes out of stamina.


  • If you are looking for a herbivore to tame, this is a good place, as they are the only things that spawn, apart from the millions of Pteranodon that spawn there. You can easily go back to The Island with a raft.
  • This island is recommended for beginners because of its lack of danger.
  • Has a small bay that is great for bringing in rafts. Be wary of Megalodon and Manta that spawn around the island, as they spawn in the bay and near the shore.
  • Leedsichthys also have multiple spawn points around the island, presenting a danger to rafts.
  • There is an underwater cave on the east side of the island.
  • Trilobites are mostly found in the northern part of the island. A good source of oil.
  • The island does not seem to have been given any kind of pass for new land creatures since the release of the game, beside of Pelagornis and Equus/Unicorn.
  • A total of 4 Brontosaurus will be active on the island at any given time. Killing one or knocking one out for tame immediately spawns another to bring the total active back to 4.
    • Although on Ark: Mobile there may be a bug where up to 9 Brontosaurus may spawn.
  • There is a single Supply Crate and two Explorer Notes to be found on the island. A third Explorer note is located sometimes at the little isle in front of the north-eastern promontory.
  • Unicorns very rarely spawn on the island, but normal Equus do not, so any Equus found on the island is a unicorn.
  • DO NOT travel to the island via Ichthyosaurus. Although they are fast and will get you there quickly the odds of keeping them alive are slim to none as the surrounding waters are infested with Mantas and Megalodons that will drain their health in seconds especially if cornered at a shoreline. A high level water tank like Basilosaurus or semi aquatic mount will be able to defend themselves or escape properly.
  • In real life, paleontologists found fossil evidence of an island with only herbivores on it. Because there were no predators on the island and to efficiently live off the few resources the island has, the dinosaurs living there evolved to become much smaller. More information can be found in the Wikipedia article about Hațeg Island.
  • On the cloth map that came with the pre-order of the game, this island is labeled as Damien's Atoll. This name is not used in-game, and is otherwise only mentioned by spawn regions in the devkit.
  • On Mobile, Titanosaurs may still spawn here
  • If spawned in south zone 3 the island is visible on the horizon; using a raft is a great way to get there early game.


Spoiled Meat This section may contain spoilers related to the background-story of ARK: Survival Evolved.
If you want to experience the story ingame, you probably shouldn't continue reading on this section.
  • In the ARK lore of Rockwell Explorer Note #2 (The Island), an in-lore tribe named the Painted Sharks owned the territory of Southern Haven until the New Legion conquered them. Being far away from the main island, Southern Haven is where the Painted Sharks main compound was located.