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Southern Jungle
Southern Jungle
Large Forest Area in the South-West

The Southern Jungle consists of dense forests and contains a lake with a river to the south leading to a waterfall just before the ocean. In the south-western edge the red Obelisk is located. Few dangers on the beaches nearby make for a good camp, but therizinosaurus and raptors prove annoying, although access to the red Obelisk and swamps can be rewarding as well.


The Southern Jungle is forming the South-Western coastline and borders to Craggs Island in the south-western edge.





Very Rare[]


  • Lots of small metal rocks (the roundish ones yield a small amount, use a pickaxe) are available on the path that surrounds the crater-like area where the Red obelisk is centered.
  • Small metal rocks are also available along the river towards the center of the jungle.
  • Only one oil node underwater near the beach, more further out to the ocean floor.


Therizinosaur, Carnotaurus, and Raptors can do damage in groups, scout jungles before headed to the red Obelisk or making camp.

Piranha spawn in rivers and can mean death if forced in rivers by Therizinosaur or Chalicotherium.