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Disambig This article is about player spawn locations. For creature spawn locations, see Spawn Map.


Spawn Locations are the areas you can spawn in ARK: Survival Evolved. Different spawn locations grant different difficulties on your first days of survival. If you spawn in the north, you'd be likely greeted with cold temperatures and dangerous carnivores, such as the Raptor. If you spawn in the south, you'll have an easier time with warm temperatures and harmless herbivores such as the Trike.


a visual overview of all spawn locations of a map can be found here

The Island Map

Spawn Locations

East Zone 1
East Zone 2
East Zone 3
North Zone 1
North Zone 2
North Zone 3
South Zone 1
South Zone 2
South Zone 3
West Zone 1
West Zone 2
West Zone 3

The Center Map

Spawn Locations

Lava Island
Snow South
Snow North
Jungles North
Jungles Mid
Jungles South
Tropical Island South
Tropical Island North
Redwood Forests West
Redwood Forests East

Scorched Earth Map

Spawn Locations

South 1 (Easy)
South 2 (Medium)
South 3 (Easy)
South 4 (Medium)
Midlands 1 (Hard)
Midlands 2 (Medium)
Midlands 3 (Easy)
Midlands 4 (Easy)
North 1 (Hard)
North 2 (Hard)
North 3 (Hard)
North 4 (Hard)

Ragnarok Map

Spawn Locations

Jungle 1 (Recommended)
Jungle 2 (Recommended)
Jungle 3 (Recommended)
Viking Bay 1 (Recommended)
Viking Bay 2 (Recommended)
Viking Bay 3 (Recommended)
Highlands N
Highlands NE
Highlands E
SW 1
SW 2
SW 3

Aberration Map

Spawn Locations

Portal (Easiest¹)
Fertile Lake 1 (Easy)
Fertile Lake 2 (Easy)
Fertile Lake 3 (Easy)
Fertile Lake 4 (Medium)
Upper Mushroom Forest (Medium)
Lower Mushroom Forest (Medium)
Fertile River (Medium)
The Edge 1 (Hard²)
The Edge 2 (Hard)
The Edge 3 (Hard)
The Edge 4 (Hard)

1 Despite being labeled easiest, this is one of the more dangerous spawn points on the map.

2 Despite being labeled hard, this is one of the safest spawn points on the map (when you go north).

Extinction Map

Spawn Locations

Sunken Forest

Valguero Map

Spawn Locations

Small Islands
Beach Zone 1
Beach Zone 2
Beach Zone 3
Boreal Forest Zone 1
Boreal Forest Zone 2
Boreal Forest Zone 3
Chalk Hills Zone 1
Chalk Hills Zone 2
Chalk Hills Zone 3
Jungle Zone 1
Jungle Zone 2
Jungle Zone 3
Redwood Zone 1
Redwood Zone 2
Redwood Zone 3
Tundra Zone 1
Tundra Zone 2
Tundra Zone 3
Snow Zone 1
Snow Zone 2
Snow Zone 3

These locations are also possible teleport destinations. When such destination is determined, points closer to chosen cardinal direction are prioritized over others. A spot won't be chosen if there are conscious hostile carnivores, unallied tames, players or turrets in range of 60 meters around it.

Genesis Part 1 Map

Spawn Locations


Crystal Isles Map

Spawn Locations

North West
North East
South West
South East

Genesis Part 2 Map

Spawn Locations

Twin Tears
White Water
Creeping Leaf

Early-Game Spawn Locations[]

If you are a beginner survivor, you will want to spawn in the South of both maps. The south is where surviving will be the easiest. In addition, the tropical islands on the center are a great place for a beginner survivor. They add a more basic element to the game, and give you the option to move elsewhere via raft if you might want.

The following creatures will most likely be found in the south:


Almost all these creatures are harmless. Occasionally, there will be a Dilo or a Raptor and a few minor threats.(The Baryonyx and Spino are rare)


Resources are important in ARK, especially when you're trying to get your first shelter built.

These resources will be found in the south:

Resources in the South[]

All the components required for a basic shelter can be found in the south. This is why the south is a great place to start your journey into the ARK.

Challenging Spawn Locations[]

You may feel you can take on the challenging creatures and elements found in the North. The north is much harder to survive in. You will most likely be attacked frequently.

The following creatures will most likely be found in the north:


There is also the chance for Alpha Creatures to spawn, which is devastating for when you're first starting off.


While the north may be dangerous and difficult to survive in, the resources are more plentiful and valuable than in the south.

Resources in the North[]

Metal is very rare in the south, which is why the north is considered to be resource-plenty.


Depending on the north or south, the Temperature will vary. In the south, it will be warm. You should not have a problem with temperature in the south.

However, in the north, the temperatures will be cold. You would want to get into Hide Armor fast, so you can withstand the cold. You may also want to level up in Fortitude. Campfires will also not be a bad idea, as they provide lots of warmth, while giving you Cooked Meat, assuming you have harvested Raw Meat and put it in the fire. Cooked Meat will regenerate your health, which is helpful for when you are attacked.


  • Stay on the open beach, where forests are not blocking your view. This way you can see all predators in your area and can take precautions in case they decide to attack.
  • Stay away from the mountains, as Argentavis and Sabertooth are fairly common, and will attack you on sight.
  • Try to tame a Pteranodon so you can fly around and see predators from afar.