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The taming section was heavily edited and, while the formatting is significantly better, it seems to have been edited by someone who either hasn't gone through the process first hand and is going off of videos or doesn't fully understand all of the mechanics. Key information, such as the fact that a baby who has aggro'd on something will lose all food value rapidly, has been left out. Before removing information (even for formatting purposes) please be sure that your edit includes important information.
"If a Baby Reaper King gets too close to a survivor or dino without [[Reaper Pheromone Gland]] applied, it will cause its hunger to drop to 0, causing itself to starve and not eat the food from its inventory." - While this MAY be a bug, I don't believe it to be so. It feels more like a rage type mechanic as a punishment toward aggroing. It should be noted, once it kills the creature it aggro'd onto, this behavior stop.