ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Stasis is an Unreal Engine mechanic which stops the code loop for actors (structures, dinosaurs) that are not actively doing something and are not near any players.

As a result, the actors that are in stasis will stop their normal functioning and cease to use server resources. They will not move, in case of dinosaurs, and no physics will be calculated around them. Dinosaurs will not lay eggs, wander, gather resources, or have their statistics dropped. However, upon exiting stasis, dinosaurs will resume what they were doing, and their food drop will be calculated and applied. In the case of structures, they will be loaded and physics will be applied again.

Approaching an area will cause all actors in the area to leave stasis, which could cause some bugs, as creatures are loaded before structures are. Thus a dinosaur in the fifth floor of a building could fall to the ground because it is loaded before the floor it was standing on is loaded.

Stasis occurs mainly for two reasons: Unreal Engine was conceived as a single-player game engine, thus only what that player is near is relevant to the game. Also, as a preventing measure, as if there was no stasis whatsoever the server would need to calculate billions of collisions, movements and structures per second, which would require much more powerful servers.