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This page is submitted suggestions for changes to the game Ark:Survival and for anyone that wants to support the suggestions and to pass the ideas to the official Ark Websites.

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Ark Game Suggestions by players[]


  • Velociraptors

Can steal Dino's fertilized eggs.

  • Alpha Megalosaurus, Therizino, and bronto
  • Giant Isopod
  • Ostenoselache: This little guy was a small shark from the Jurassic Period that looked like a small goblin shark (AKA nightmare sharks). However, a few scientists think that this small shark may have used electricity to shock predators, like a defensive version of an electric eel! In Ark, these guys could probably be used as an aquatic version of knockout poison, shocking creatures into unconsciousness to be tamed, or they could be used as a sort of warning system, even when untamed: since animals that use electricity like eels and sharks can sense the electrical signals of animals' movements (Yeah: sharks can feel your presence just from your heartbeat), when the sharks suddenly swim away, you know that something big is coming close. However, the sharks would flee regardless of what big animal is approaching, making it up to the player to decide whether or not he/she is in danger. Btw jackdavdal made this and he aka me KNOW ALOT ABOUT GOBLIN SHARK (also even if he’s chasing you and he/she’s about to get you but your a little bit faster the mouth will extend and bite you and then unextend just like the real goblin shark but irl they might not tho
  • Postosuchus
  • Macrauchenia
  • rhizodus And enchodus
  • Cassowary
  • H-Rex
  • the Bobbit worm ANSESTOR THE ULTIMATE WORM PREDATOR THE Websteroprion
  • Tullimonstrum
  • Gigatitan
  • Jaekelopterus
  • Category of new Blue infected Dino’s and creatures. Tree like monsters with traceable radioactive blue goo, the blue goo drizzles off them like a snail, can infect players or other creatures with it. Three variants: in addition to infected Dino variants. Lurker, Prowler, Bubblar/Soaker

What it’s design should look similar to: latest?cb=20200830193813 (Add on inspiration from Aberration, Ben 10 design, and GOW berserker) (Suggested by Dannoso)

-boost health, food, inventory capacity of baby/young animals)

  • Full sized, deep water Megalodons, as the current, shallow water species in-game is less than half size. This new mega-megalodon could stalk the depths, rushing from below at high speeds, stunning and throwing their victims into the air, similar to modern shark-on-seal attacks. (keep the current sharks, rename and re-render them as a different prehistoric species if nessesary, but bring in a REAL Megalodon)
  • Differences between male and female creatures; ie. one gender larger than the other, or say for example Titanoboa, females could have longer bodies and no frills while the males retain their current appearance. Variations such as that could be introduced in many species.
  • Plesiosaurus is allowed to be on land for a while but is medium speed not fast maybe a little bit slow and it’s better for the plesiosaurus to stay on land for a while so they can heal and be protected
  • Gorgonopsid
  • Deinocheirus
  • xiphactinus
  • Tanystropheus
  • Odobenocetops
  • Giant sea sloth
  • Lepticidium
  • Archelon
  • Deinotherium
  • Embolotherium
  • Anomalocaris

New Equipment[]

  • Tek tier or other tier of spyglass, letting you see the creatures stars and/or torpidity and taming percentage, etc.
  • Cryogenics Tanks - primarily helpful for players who are less active, freeze babies so that you can pause their growth and imprint/feeding times... i realize this is a complete game changer... could be really hard to make and only hold one baby at a time, etc
    • READ THIS* Large Drivable Tek Mobile (Vehicle). Like a Mini Mobile base (not too mini, of course). Take inspiration from something like the elephant (vehicle) from halo or the grindlift from gears of war 2. I’ve always wanted to drive a giant Mobile base with a command center, terminal/computer, system, cameras, upper deck and a pilot room attached, and being able to build my own interior. None of the dinos have a platform large enough or smooth enough to fulfill this fantasy. •bonuses: Mini Forcefield; Cameras; spotlights; charge flashlights (for nameless and reapers); a command center for activating light switches, turrets, forcefield, cloaking, etc. (Suggested by FreakNasty)

Character Customizations[]

Cosmetic Skins[]


Creature Artificial Intelligence[]

Server Options[]


  • Suspension cables to hold up platforms over air.Auto opening doors option

Collapsable Structure gravity / Structure affected by weight: blowing up a wall with C4 leaves edges, more circular shape rather than square walls being destroyed, shooting holes through wood, cracking stone structures with heavy weapons or Dino’s like an ankylo, standing on a wooden house with a Giga would make the ceiling collapses. That’s what I want to see, it would be so cool to be chased on a manmade wooden bridge by a large animal/dinosaur and watch as they fall, breaking the bridge because it’s affected by gravity. Please consider making this a reality

Game Mechanics[]

  • ARKipelago: oceanic DLC featuring multiple small islands, a host of new aquatic creatures, structures, and items. Hurricanes occasionally strike, and most higher tier resources are located underwater
  • Structures are affected by weight: nothing too extreme. I always thought it would be cool to run from a Trex as the wooden floor beneath me starts to bend, crack, and cave in behind me.
  • Wyverns to be able to climb walls, as seen in Scorched Earth trailer
  • Structure Density/Collision: Shooting holes through wood, cracking stone, old sturdy adobe houses can wear out, metal can rust, Wood can break/deteriorate if a 30 ton Dino stands on it. Something similar to how they design the wooden pallets in RSS.

More Snap Points for Foundations (suggested by Karah_Lameria)

 *gives the option to remove or modify the Tethering on Singleplayer/Nondedicated Servers.
 *allows admins on single player to place trees/foliage
 *gives settings to activate ANY event including past events e.g. 'Winter Wonderland' or 'Fear Evolve'.[Suggested-by (Terronscibe)]
  • Higher sound quality, particularly for The Center map (sounds extremely low quality)





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(Suggested by TimeTi)

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