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Enflamed This creature, item, or feature was removed from the game. This page remains for historical reasons.
More info: This feature has been replaced by the Broodmother Arena

Summon Broodmother

This item was found at one of the Obelisks and used a crafting recipe to summon Broodmother Lysrix.

Summoning Requirements[]

The following items are needed to summon the Broodmother:

Item to Tribute Quantity
Megalodon Tooth x8
Tyrannosaurus Arm x4
Argentavis Talon x4
Sauropod Vertebra x2
Artifact of the Hunter x1
Artifact of the Clever x1
Artifact of the Pack x1
Artifact of the Massive x1
Artifact of the Skylord x1
Artifact of the Devourer x1


  • This item does not have a weight.
  • Prior to the introduction of the Broodmother Arena, this item could be crafted to summon Broodmother Lysrix at the obelisk it was crafted at, rather than teleport the player to an arena.