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Superior Kibble
Superior Kibble
This specially blended pet food is a favorite of many larger creatures. Containing only the finest natural ingredients, it provides pets with the balanced nutrition they need. And with a taste they can't resist, they'll warm up to you in no time! Not intended for human consumption.
Consumable (values pertain to Humans)
Kibble type
Spoils in
Stack size
Decomposes in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi kibble_base_large 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/PrimalItemConsumable_Kibble_Base_Large.PrimalItemConsumable_Kibble_Base_Large'" 1 0 0
Crafting XP
4 XP
Required stations
Resources breakdown [Expand]
5 × Fiber Fiber
1 × Sap Sap
1 × Water Water
Total Base Ingredients
2 × Stone Stone
2 × Rare Mushroom Rare Mushroom
5 × Fiber Fiber
1 × Raw Prime Meat Raw Prime Meat
2 × Citronal Citronal
1 × Sap Sap
3 × Flint Flint
1 × Water Water
1 × Oil Oil
1 × Large Egg Large Egg

Superior Kibble is a Kibble Kibble made from any Large Egg Large Eggs.


The main use of this Kibble Kibble is to feed it to a creature that you are taming. Kibble has a higher taming effect than other food like Berries Berries or Meat Meat, meaning the taming meter will rise faster, while also dropping the Taming Effectiveness less, resulting in more extra levels when the taming process is finished. This Kibble can be crafted in the Cooking Pot Cooking Pot or Industrial Cooker Industrial Cooker.

Currently, this Kibble is used to forcefully tame Allosaurus Allosaurus, Argentavis Argentavis, Castoroides Castoroides, Daeodon Daeodon, Dire Bear Dire Bear, Direwolf Direwolf, Dunkleosteus Dunkleosteus, Gasbags Gasbags, Mammoth Mammoth, Megalodon Megalodon, Megalosaurus Megalosaurus, Megatherium Megatherium, Paraceratherium Paraceratherium, Plesiosaur Plesiosaur, Snow Owl Snow Owl, Tapejara Tapejara, and Woolly Rhino Woolly Rhino.

For other creatures, this Kibble will be valued less than regular Meat Meat and Berries Berries (only 66% of their effectiveness) and thus is not advised to be used for those.

See Taming Taming for more info about the taming process.


The following Eggs have a size of Large:

Kibble Category[]

The following Kibbles can be used in place of Superior Kibble. They give the same taming progress but can have different food values, causing the taming to take longer (or shorter in case of Augmented Kibble):

Creatures also accept Kibble of a higher quality. The following types can be used in place of Superior Kibble:


  • This type of Kibble has the glow of Journeyman-quality items.
  • When fed to a Daeodon, it recovers 85 food.