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The Surface is a set of regions in the DLC Aberration.


Extreme Temperatures[]

Because of the lack of atmosphere at the surface of Aberration, the temperature at the surface of the broken ARK varies wildly. Throughout the day, the sun raises Aberration's surface temperature to such a degree that the ground itself is aflame. These flames deal a great amount of damage to survivors, creatures, and structures alike. The damage even seems to affect your survivor while mounted. The Hazard Suit Armor (Aberration) Hazard Suit Armor will not protect you from this.

Fortunately the temperature cools back down at night, extinguishing the flames and allowing exploration of these dangerous areas.

The flames appear at roughly 05:53 and rage all day until roughly 17:27 when you are safe to explore the area until it gets close to 05:53 again on the next day. Be rigorous in checking the time of day by holding H, Windows, or Touch Pad and looking in the top left of your screen. If you do not make it back underground before the flames appear you are not likely to survive, regardless of how fast you are.

For efficient and successful exploration of surface biomes, it is recommended that you learn about Aberrations Seasons. You will have more time to explore during the 90% Night season. Keep in mind that seasons change at midnight so your night may end much faster or slower than it began.


Very Common[]



Very Uncommon[]


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From Local Creatures[]


  • Despite not shown on the Resource Map, weathered rock found throughout The Surface, as well as on the way to The Surface in certain entrances, are ALL metal ore.
  • For some reasons, Supply Drops found on Surface are at the similar quality to typical loot crates in caves found on other maps.


Spoiled Meat This section may contain spoilers related to the background-story of ARK: Survival Evolved.
If you want to experience the story ingame, you probably shouldn't continue reading on this section.
  • In lore, according to Diana, temperatures can reach up to 236 degrees fahrenheit and still climbing. In celsius, this is around 113.333 degrees celsius. At this temperature, water easily boils into water vapor since its boiling point is 100 degrees celsius. Anything organic that is on the surface will end up being cooked to death or into a crisp.
    • The factors that Diana thinks contributes to the temperature is a mix of the ARK's barrier leaking radiation onto the ARK on top of sunlight reflecting inside of the barrier. How the heat is utilized is unknown.
      • The ARK's barrier seems to be akin to a cooling system for the ARK by moderating the amount of heat coming through its barrier like a dilated and constricted blood vessel.
  • During events of Mei-Yin's explorer notes, Mei-yin barely managed to get underground when she was forced to discard her chestplate armor and Nerva's corpse was burnt to a crisp.
    • When Diana found said items, the chestplate was highly irradiated along with a crispy corpse that was 94% Caucasian male (Gaius Marcellus Nerva).