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Survival of the Fittest: Naughty or Nice
Naughty or Nice.jpg
Studio Wildcard
Start date
December 28th, 2015
Start time
12pm EST
End date
December 28th, 2015
End time
3pm EST

Survival of the Fittest: Naughty or Nice was a 3-hour holiday-themed Survival of the Fittest tournament. It took place on December 28, 2015.

Unlike the previous tournaments, Naughty or Nice featured only 2 tribes of 100 players each (Tribe Naughty and Tribe Nice) competing on a special, holiday-themed battlefield. Both popular streamers and some of the best SotF players participated in the event.[1]

Instead of receiving the prize money of $10000, the winning tribe was able to decide where to donate the money. The money was finally split up between AbleGamers, Charity: Water, Childs Play, Gaming For Adoption, and TakeThis. Each of these charities also received an additional $1,000 on behalf of Studio Wildcard.[2]

Naughty or Nice made its official return on September 24, 2016, with a 2,5 hour-long battle.[3] Just like in the first tournament, $10000 were donated for charity. Additionally, all 100 players of the winning team were awarded $100 steam gift cards


Naughty or Nice Charity 2016 Event!


The Naughty or Nice gamemode is available as a total conversion on Steam.


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