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Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection
Studio Wildcard
Start date
October 30th, 2015
End date
September 2nd, 2015

Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection was a four-day ARK: Survival Evolved battle event where players competed for their lives in the Survival of the Fittest game mode. It took place on Official "Unnatural Selection" Servers and included three days of preliminary battles, followed by a Championship Tournament on Wednesday, September 2. Players had the chance to win over $30,000 in cash and Steam gift cards.


Place Tribe Members Prize
1st Hero's Savior, Psyko & IceBox $20,000
2nd Coconut Bandits Fatty, Swift, Tribe & Futur $10,000
3rd Paeness 187Ghost187 & Nero $4,000

Live Tournament Updates[]

The Official ARK Wiki will be live-updating the live/dead status of tournament participants and tracking which Evolution Events occur during the competition.

To watch the Tournament, visit the SurviveTheArk Twitch channel.

Player Status[]

Green Alive
Red Deceased
Tribe Name Members
Hero's Savior (#BoxGuy) Psyko IceBox
Coconut Bandits Fatty Swift Tribe Futur
Paeness Nero 187Ghost187
Nomads Memases ActRite Blondie MaJoR
Bad Blood Kcuhc Sirron Taylor Noelle Hannah Morganna
Last Tribe Standing JukeBox360 Dylanm1818 CyberWD slayersOn
Katy Perry Fanboys Stay Wolvegar Kurt Jigsaw
Forced typeForced No One The 100th Man MiniScozzie
Crazy Whores mad_dentist xjOslahx Mad_Xjawz Archangel
Rolling Dice FURY Chaos Im Stoned Slip
Radium R.Revy R.Mulligan R.Kingcrazy R.Rolarin
The Fittest Survivors Vinz TerraSleet Star Lord TheFittestSurvivor
WHAT IS LIFE?! The Architect Jean
THC ^Smiley Epick THC_KritiKal mandril
DarkrellTV DarkrellTV PepiGOD C1fr4
The Illuminati Zac LORDDEJV Dr. Smokey Pothoss
Team Scarlet Sakuya UnstoppableTank Sigma Technic-Wolf - MN9
MEAN GIRLS UHIWI Safety Healed Lumming
Twitch Chat in Love Willard Brainiac Blaze Pistoling
Black Skull Cyph Tyrian RIP Ouija
Tribe #NoSleep Sharkeisha Marshall Elaej Doc Eternal
DongerSquad WryWolf Res
CN.TYF Balla TYF XiaoJuHua [ZouAn] CN.xiao xiong mao
Real-Gamers LittleOrange Chymette HabaddOn Alex
Tyraryay The Tyrant Sol KartDude aryay
Do we get T-shirts? Dessie Bunzo ChasOsfury Sir
Sorry! Kryptick DatActorGuy/Loner Pokeeeeeeeee Itty Bitty Kitty
Cthulhu Natsu Dragneel Ender mad viper Abbynormal
CN CN laoyang CN AmazingDancer CN KUI LEI
1012 BEAUTY Wormy SlaYa
Unnatural Phew dave Herbs Scorpion703 Harry Napel
MMOUnity Laggier Zombie IcyChilled BIGMFCHRIS Unbusty Nichole
Despistaos Escorbutopia
Yolobagins Dixin Cider Cured Apathy Eavin Sup Im Ghost
Team Poulet VirOOp Ricco XuTv Anthonio
Team Glavien Revolt789 MrToad Boosy Dooley
Sex Panther zombietrash Laarster
Kappa123 LooMit Ranger
#NoMoreMegaFog Lyst PwrMower Malika Mr Dolphin
So Low Roland
Kings Never Die DavidBC
CN-Win Moyou-ChenMo 008 ooxxoo
Tribe of Champions Champion Rapha Champion Danny Champion Aven Champion Cammy
Tribe of Losers KC
swag justQ

Evolution Events[]

These were used by the Game Master:

  1. Predator Night
  2. Survivor Locations
  3. Megafog
  4. Beastwithin
  5. Megaheat
  6. Survivor Locations
  7. Megaheat
  8. Supply Overload
  9. Dragon Arrives
  10. Carnivore Drop (Rex)
  11. Survivor Tracker
  12. Survivor Tracker
  13. Survivor Locations
  14. Day/Night Switch
  15. Carnivore Drop
  16. Megafog
  17. Red Mist
  18. Survivor Locations
  19. Carnivore Drop
  20. Survivor Tracker
  21. Megacold
  22. Day/Night Switch
  23. Survivor Locations
  24. Double Taming
  25. Megafog
  26. Megacold
  27. Superloot Crate
  28. Predator's Night
  29. Survivor Locations
  30. Predator's Night
  31. Megaheat
  32. Carnivore Drop
  33. Megafog
  34. Megaheat
  35. Double Taming
  36. Survivor Locations
  37. Dragon Arrives
  38. Harvest Famine
  39. Superloot Crate
  40. Survivor Tracker
  41. Predator's Night

Tournament Information[]

From Saturday, August 28, through Monday, August 31, players will battle in 4-member tribes against hundreds of other players - similar to the regular Survival of the Fittest mode. To participate in the open-preliminary matches, just join one of the "Unnatural Selection" servers on the Official Server list. Each of these battles will last 2.5 hours, and the winning tribes from each battle will advanced to the Championship.

The Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection Championship Tournament will take place Wednesday, September 2, at 2:00 pm EDT. The final 163 players will compete in a match that will be streamed on ARK’s Twitch channel. The final event will take 4.5 hours.


Survivors will compete to win:

  • First place: $20,000 split between Tribe members
  • Second place: $10,000 split between Tribe members
  • Third Place: $4,000 split between Tribe members

In the pre-lobby of the event, Tribes with less than four members will have the opportunity to ally with another Tribe as long as the final member count does not exceed four players. Once the tournament begins, forming alliances is prohibited. All 163 players that make it into the final Championship event will receive a $100 Steam gift card.

Match Information[]

Competitors will witness distinct game updates, most noticeably six new world changing Evolution Events and the first appearance of the Dragon! Midway through the match, the Dragon will become available for taming at the central platform. Beware as it can only be ridden for a short time before it turns on its master. Furthermore, the dragon will reappear during extended sudden death to eliminate all remaining survivors if they are not sufficiently murdering each other.


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