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Survival of the Fittest Tournament
Studio Wildcard
Start date
August 1, 2015
Start time

Survival of the Fittest was a battle tournament where 35 teams of 2 competed for their lives in the Survival of the Fittest game mode. The tournament was held to celebrate the launch of the game mode.

The last tribe standing recieved a grand prize of $20,000 ($10,000 per tribe member), along with gaming gear from Logitech and Gunnar Optiks. The 2nd place tribe received $10,000 while the 3rd place tribe recieved $5,000.


Place Team Members Prize
1st #TEAM POLOPHIN Apolloz & Darkdolphin $20,000 ($10,000 each)
2nd Royalph ESGame & Pedrosaltana $10,000 ($5,000 each)
3rd For the Ninja Keeeedz Anthony_Kongphan & TheSparrowJourney $5,000 ($2,500 each)


The 35 teams were randomly selected, pairing two participants together to compete in the tournament. During the tournament, this table will be updated to reflect the teams that are still alive in the tournament.

Green Both Tribe Members Alive
Yellow One Tribe Member Alive
Red Tribe Eliminated


Evolution Events[]

These were used by the Game Master after being voted for on Twitch:

  1. Extreme Fog
  2. Extreme Cold
  3. Herbivore Dino Drop
  4. Instant Day-Night Swap
  5. Superloot Crate (Not voted for)
  6. Carnivore Dino Drop
  7. Extreme Cold & Survivor Tracker (Stacked)
  8. Day-Night Switch & Extreme Heat (Stacked)
  9. Carnivore Dino Drop
  10. Extreme Cold & Instant Day-Night Swap & Survivor Tracker (Stacked)
  11. Carnivore Dino Drop & Extreme Cold & Instant Day-Night Switch (Stacked)
  12. Extreme Heat & Survivor Tracker (Stacked)
  13. Carnivore Dino Drop (Not voted for)
  14. Instant Day-Night Switch (Not voted for)
  15. Survivor Tracker (Not voted for)

Tournament Information[]

At the start of the tournament, survivors will find themselves in a lobby container where they can strategize and confront their enemies. After a period of time, they will be beamed down onto a spawn platform with valuable loot placed in the center. From there, tribes will have to decide if they want to dash for the gear or get a head start on escaping into the wilderness. As the game progresses, a large force-field surrounding the world will shrink. Survivors that attempt to pass through the force field will be killed. The tournament is expected to last over 4.5 hours.

Battle Mode Changes[]

Battle mode differs from other ARK game modes in that the game takes place at an accelerated pace, with leveling, gathering, taming, and building happening at quicker rates. Engrams, craftables, and supply drops have been rebalanced to make them more viable, and stats have been altered so tamed dinosaurs are no longer as powerful. Battle mode players will take less damage, along with other statistical alterations. There is no fast travel or respawning, and players will only have one shot at winning the tournament. In addition to the normal dangers that players face in ARK, survivors will have to look out for the Game Master.

Game Master[]

The Game Master will communicate with the outside world to decide upon and unleash Evolution Events, which will take place every 30 minutes. The events range from freak weather occurrences, dinosaur stampedes, day/night shifts, and player location reveal.


Studio Wildcard's Kayd Hendricks and Twitch's Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez hosted the live tournament from Twitch headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The two hosts delivered play-by-play commentary from a roaming spectator point-of-view, and interviewed the winners after they exited the battle.

Final ARKSotF Battle!
Evolutionary Event: Carnivore Drop
Wishfuiiy goes down!


Image Tournament Start Date End Date
Survivor League Survival of the Fittest: Survivor League April 1st, 2016 October 31st, 2016
SotF Summer Cup 2016 Survival of the Fittest Summer Cup 2016 July 29th, 2016 July 29th, 2016

Image Tournament Start Date End Date
Survival-of-the-fittest Survival of the Fittest Tournament August 1st, 2015 August 1st, 2015
Unnaturalselection Survival of the Fittest: Unnatural Selection October 30th, 2015 September 2nd, 2015
The Last Stand Artwork Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand September 24th, 2015 October 24th, 2015
Naughty or Nice Survival of the Fittest: Naughty or Nice December 28th, 2015 December 28th, 2015