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Kibble Egg Type First Resource Second Resource Third Resource Fourth Resource Fifth Resource Sixth Resource
 Basic Kibble  Extra Small Egg 5x  Mejoberry 10x  Amarberry 10x  Tintoberry 1x  Cooked Meat 5x  Fiber Water (such as 1x Full  Waterskin)
 Simple Kibble  Small Egg 2x  Rockarrot 1x  Cooked Fish Meat -
 Regular Kibble  Medium Egg 2x  Longrass 2x  Savoroot 1x  Cooked Meat Jerky -
 Superior Kibble  Large Egg 2x  Citronal 2x  Rare Mushroom 1x  Prime Meat Jerky 1x  Sap
 Exceptional Kibble  Extra Large Egg 10x  Mejoberry 1x  Rare Flower 1x  Focal Chili -
 Extraordinary Kibble  Special Egg 1x  Giant Bee Honey 1x  Lazarus Chowder -