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Tek Crop Plot
Tek Crop Plot (Genesis Part 2).png
Deployable device to promote plant growth using its own light source. Powered by Tek Generator.
Item slots
Decay time
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi CropPlot_Tek 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis2/Structures/CropPlotTek/PrimalItemStructure_CropPlot_Tek.PrimalItemStructure_CropPlot_Tek'" 1 0 0
Required level
Level 104
Engram Points
32 EP
Crafting XP
85.6 XP
Crafting time
Required stations

The Tek Crop Plot is a structure in Genesis: Part 2. It is the Tek Tier version of a Crop Plot. Federation Crop Plots help Plants grow quicker without the need of sunlight, while having a greater storage capacity. Tek Crop Plots also refrigerate Plants, making them more self-stable. Additionally, Tek Crop Plots have a maximum Greenhouse Effect of 500%, making them 1.5x faster and more efficient than other crop plots.


In order to grow a crop, you will need four things:

  1. Tek Generator. Unlike regular Crop Plots, this Crop Plot requires a source of Tek Generator power to function.
  2. A seed. One of the following plant seeds: Plant Species X Seed.png, Plant Species Y Seed (Scorched Earth).png, Plant Species Z Seed (Aberration).png, Plant Species R Seed (Genesis Part 2).png, Savoroot Seed.png, Longrass Seed.png, Rockarrot Seed.png, or Citronal Seed.png. (Berry seeds also work, but do not benefit from being planted in a Tek Crop Plot instead of a Small Crop Plot.)
  3. Irrigation. Usually a water source connected to the plot using a Stone Tap or a Metal Tap. Rainwater or water from a Waterskin also works, but is less reliable.
  4. Fertilization. Fertilizer made in a Compost Bin or by a Dung Beetle or converted in a Toilet lasts the longest, but takes a bit of time to make, so starting with simple Feces might be easier.

Once the plot is irrigated and fertilized, you can place the seed in its inventory and it will be planted after a few seconds. In the case of Species R, the tentacles will sprout immediately to be harvestable.

The plant will mature through several stages over the course of several day cycles, and once it has reached Fruitling status you will be able to harvest it continuously.

Tek Crop Plot can hold 3x times the amount produced by plants:

Once harvested they will slowly grow back until reaching the maximum yield again. In the case of Species R, the tentacles can be damaged like tree for meat resources (based on what kind of Species R was planted) until it is depleted for 30 minutes+.

To change the current plant, access the radial menu by holding 'E', then select 'destroy plant'. This will allow a new seed to be planted.


Crew members used this hi-tek crop plot to garden all over the ship.
Seems like you could use one to raise harvestable plants just about anywhere!
~ Tek Crop Plot Record – HLN-A