Tek Jump Pad (Genesis: Part 1)

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Genesis Part 1 DLC.jpg This article is about content exclusive to the DLC: Genesis: Part 1
Tek Jump Pad
Tek Jump Pad (Genesis Part 1).png
A Tek-powered propulsion device; useful for traversal and mayhem.
Decay time
Stack Size
Added in
Spawn Command
admincheat gfi JumpPad 1 0 0
admincheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Genesis/Structures/TekJumpPad/PrimalItemStructure_TekJumpPad.PrimalItemStructure_TekJumpPad'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram Points
30 EP
Crafting XP
200 XP
Crafting time
Crafted in
Required stations

The Tek Jump Pad is a Structure in the Expansion Pack Genesis: Part 1.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Tek Jump Pad can be placed onto any surface, with the exception of boats, with enough space to accommodate it. It can be used to launch the survivor and Creatures into the air. It can be configured to launch in different directions.

Anything that was launched from it will not get hurt when they land.

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