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Disambig Tek Leggings is referred to as "TEK Leggings" in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile

This Item is part of the Tek Armor set.

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Tek Leggings
TEK Leggings
Highly advanced leggings that allow for powerful forward movement. Equipping requires learning this Tekgram.
Armor rating
Cold protection
Heat protection
Stack size
Unlocked upon defeating
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Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi TekPants 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Tek/PrimalItemArmor_TekPants.PrimalItemArmor_TekPants'" 1 0 0
Unlock Tekgram
cheat unlockengram "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Armor/Tek/PrimalItemArmor_TekPants.PrimalItemArmor_TekPants'"
Crafted in
Required stations
ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile Ingredients (Mobile)
Resources breakdown [Expand]
450 × Metal Ingot Metal Ingot
900 × Metal Metal
120 × Crystal Crystal
Total Base Ingredients

The Tek Leggings is a leg-slot armour piece from the Tek Armor set.


By wearing the Tek Leggings and holding down Ctrl / RB / R1 (Melee keybind), super speed mode is activated, which allows the wearer to move forward at very high speeds. The wearer can also run through (and break) trees and rocks when in super speed mode. Whilst in this mode, the wearer is also able to run across the surface of water. Super speed movement speed is not affected by player movement speed stats.

When the player is over-weighted and is unable to move, holding down Ctrl / RB / R1 (Melee keybind) will allow them to continue moving slowly.

In ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile, the Tek Leggings provides the survivor with a +10% speed increase, a +10% damage increase, and a -20% fall damage decrease when powered. However, it does not function as a means of super speed.


The Engram is unlocked by defeating gamma Dragon Dragon, gamma Manticore Manticore, gamma Rockwell Rockwell, Forest Titan Forest Titan, or gamma Crystal Wyvern Queen Crystal Wyvern Queen and must be unlocked in order to equip this item. Defeating the more difficult versions will also give the player the engram.


Tek Leggings can break Thatch Structures thatch and Wooden Structures wood bases when dashing. They also break trees and boulders but don't gather materials. You can get higher quality (~1940 armour ~1500 durability) Tek Leggings from the Magma Melee mission on Genesis Part 1. However, leggings from this mission will cost more to repair.


Patch Changes
254.0 Tek Leggings is added to the game.
329.22 TEK Sprint and TEK punch are now enabled on GEN2.