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Tek Railgun
Tek Railgun
Shoots explosive plasma bolts, with an infrared zoomable scope. Equipping requires learning this Tekgram.
Ammo used
Ranged damage
Magazine size
Stack size
80 (-0.05 per use)
Single use
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi TekSniper 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/WeaponTekSniper/PrimalItem_TekSniper.PrimalItem_TekSniper'" 1 0 0
Unlock Tekgram
cheat unlockengram "Blueprint'/Game/Aberration/WeaponTekSniper/PrimalItem_TekSniper.PrimalItem_TekSniper'"
Crafting XP
720 XP
Crafting time
Crafted in
Required stations

The Tek Railgun is an end-game ranged weapon in the Aberration DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved. It is the upgraded version of the Fabricated Sniper Rifle Fabricated Sniper Rifle and part of the Tek Tier item set.


The Tek Railgun fires explosive plasma blasts. While firing, it consumes Element Element, each piece supplies the rifle with 2 shots.

Much like the Tek Rifle Tek Rifle, it does not need to be reloaded at any time, but unlike the rifle, it will overheat after every single shot and has to cool down before it can be used again. It is worth noting that the Tek Railgun cannot be fired underwater, whereas the Tek Rifle can be.

The Tek Railgun has a built-in scope lens that increases the sight range when activated, similar to the Scope Attachment Scope Attachment for lower-tier guns. The scope lens also has a heat signature tracking function, allowing the scope to identify living creatures by tracking heat signature. To zoom in while aiming, use the scroll wheel.

It also has a toggleable x-ray feature, which can be used to see creatures through walls (under a purple hue), but this feature will consume the durability of the supplied Element, at a rate of 3%[citation needed].

This weapon also has a very powerful piercing ability, capable of shooting through 5 metal behemoth gates and killing a person on the other side.

It is not recommended to use the Tek Railgun as an all-around weapon, as it takes a very long time to cooldown. The Tek Railgun is very bad with swarms, and should be used on high health targets you seek to kill.


Toggle X-ray vision
Double-tap R, X, Square
Hold Rmb, LT, L2
Press Lmb, RT, R2


The Tekgram is unlocked by either defeating Rockwell Alpha Rockwell or the Desert Titan.


  • The Tek Railgun Bullet has a limited Range of 10000 UE units which means bullets will disappear after ~ 33 Foundations and won't hit targets behind that.
  • The Tek Railgun loses 1 durability every 20 shots and an additional 4 durability each time a shot pierces a mineable resource such as small trees.
  • May also be rewarded from the Home is Where the Pouch is mission on Genesis.
  • Removed from official servers


  • on Xbox the Tek Railgun will not hit your target and will instead hit yourself dealing no damage.


Patch Changes
275.0 Tek Railgun is added to the game.
312.35 Fixed an exploit related to the Railgun.