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For displaying dossiers, e.g. the newest ones on the mainpage

Parameters are pairs of:

  • Name of the Creature.
    • If the species is part of a mod, the following format is required: Mod:[ModName]:[Species], e.g. Mod:ARK Additions:Brachiosaurus (note the extra colon between the modName and the speciesName which should not be in the page-name). The expected file of the dossier needs to be saved at File:Mod [ModName] Dossier [SpeciesName].png
  • Dossier-Filename, or the special value Book which uses the expected dossier-filename (File:Dossier_<species>.png) to show the bare dossier with a book as background.
  • the optional named parameter elementWidth can be used to specify the width in px of each dossier-element. If not specified, the default value of 180 will be used.


{{DossiersTable| elementWidth = 300|Basilisk|Book|Bulbdog|Book|Featherlight|Book|Glowbug|Book|Ankylosaurus|Book}}
{{DossiersTable|Mod:ARK Additions:Brachiosaurus|Book}}