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For use with templates that both (1) pull user-submitted data from a creature's page, and (2) pull data from our database generated from the game files.

This template compares the page-sourced values with the game-sourced values and outputs a variable with {{#vardefine}} and optionally flags mismatched data.


{{ Dv Comparison | Page Data | Dv Path | Output Variable | flag = Yes/No (Optional) | creature = Dino Name (Optional) }}
  • "Page Data" is the page-sourced data, usually defined within a template such as the Infobox.
  • "Dv Path" is the Lua path within Module:Dv/data.
  • "Output Variable" is the name of the output variable your template can call by using {{#var}}
  • "Flag" is optional. "Yes" will compare the data and flag for a mismatch. "No" will just pull the value from whichever source it may exist.
  • "Creature" is optional. By default, the values will be compared for the creature currently on the page via {{PAGENAME}}. If "creature" is defined, it will instead compare the value with the specified creature.


In this example, we're comparing Rex's values for "Kibble" from within the Infobox and Module:Dv/data.

{{ Dv Comparison | {{{kibble|}}} | tamingFood/kibble | favoritekibble | flag = Yes | creature = Rex }}

{{{kibble|}}} and {{Dv|Rex|tamingFood/kibble}} are compared, and if different, will be flagged with a maintenance category. Then the output can be later called with {{#var:favoritekibble}}.