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Displays a map with multiple markers at given coordinates


all are optionally

Parameter default description
map Map The Island.jpg Filename of the map
mapsize 300 mapsize in px
markersize 10 markersize in px
markercolor #f30
markericon Filename of the default-icon
opacity 1 opacity of markers
text is displayed under the map
float where the map floats (left / right)
borderCoordT 7.2 Coords of Top
borderCoordR 92.8 Coords of Right
borderCoordB 92.8 Coords of Bottom
borderCoordL 7.2 Coords of Left

Locations are given as comma-separated-values and have to be in this order (only lat and lon are mandatory) lat,lon,markersize,markercolor,markertooltip,markericon[,markericon2[,markericon3...]]. Leave parameters empty for the default. E.g. write 20,50,,green for a green marker at 20-50 with the default size.

  • Commas are not allowed in the title-text (it breaks the format)
  • An equal-sign has to be written like {{=}}, a vertical bar / pipe has to be written like {{!}}.


Map The Island.jpg
{{MapLocations|40,50|30,80|text=so many spots|80,50,30,yellow,I'm a yellow marker!|opacity=0.7|50,50,5|markercolor=green|mapsize=200|10,10,5}}
Map The Island.jpg
so many spots