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Tent (Scorched Earth)
A portable Tent where you can take cover in hostile environments
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat gfi Tent 1 0 0
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/ScorchedEarth/Structures/Tent/PrimalItemStructure_Tent.PrimalItemStructure_Tent'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram points
8 EP
Crafting XP
10 XP
Crafting time
Crafted in
25 × Thatch Thatch
10 × Fiber Fiber
50 × Hide Hide
10 × Silk (Scorched Earth) Silk (Scorched Earth)

The Tent is an item in the Scorched Earth-DLC of ARK: Survival Evolved.


Tents provide additional insulation against extreme weather. They are useful for temporary refuge against sandstorms, superheat, and the Lunar Biome's Outdoor Radiation. Once placed, they can be picked up. You can place structures inside the tent, even if the structure needs a foundation elsewhere, like Mortar And Pestle Mortar And Pestle. When you pick up the tent the placed structures are also removed and will be put in your inventory. Items in the inventories of the structures are dropped.


  • The Tent constantly loses durability while deployed, approximately 1 point every 25 seconds. If it is not otherwise damaged, this will ultimately destroy the tent within 2 hours and 5 minutes. Repairing the tent at the current time does NOT repair the tent. Instead it will repeatedly attempt to repair it, using all the materials over and over again unless stopped in the crafting queue without actually repairing the tent.
  • The Tent gives massive insulation, approximately 500 both from heat and cold, more than even an Adobe house can give. Sometimes it may be necessary to camp in your backyard when the heat is too much. The fact that it also protects against cold may become useful on the Ragnarok map, which has extremely cold places and a desert.
  • The Tent does not grant the Insulation Buff if placed on a Platform Saddle