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The Center Cave
The Center Cave Inside.jpg
Cave inside of the Floating Island of The Center.
The Center Topographic Map.jpg
35.9° Lat,  34.4° Lon
36.4° Lat,  35.0° Lon
40.3° Lat,  31.1° Lon
Artifact of the Devious.png
Artifact of the Devious
41.1° Lat, 33.7° Lon

The Center Cave is inside of the Floating Island of The Center.

The   Artifact of the Devious can be found in this cave.

There are three cave entrances at:

  • 35.9, 34.4: land entrance.
  • 36.4, 35.0: underneath the floating island.
  • 40.3, 31.1: underneath the floating island.


  • Extreme heights

Recommended Equipment[]


  • Watch your step. Falling from here can mean death or a headache of a swim in a sea of Megalodons.
  • If you bring a flyer through the entrance at 40.3, 31.1 and you can get the artifact right away without fighting anything.




  • Unlike the other caves, flyers can be ridden inside of The Center Cave by default.
  • Would make a great place for an enormous avian-based tribe to make a fortress here.
  • Creatures can be tamed here. Araneo are very easy to tame here in particular, as they do not wander. The many sloping ramps can be used to easily tame onycs as well (kite them up a ramp, then move quickly away to lose aggro. They will be at/near the ramp level for easy feeding).