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The Dead Island
Dead Island
An Island teeming of dangerous creatures

The Dead Island (sometimes referred to as Carnivore Island or Carno Island or Hell Island) is a small island in the very north-east of The Island.


The Dead Island is an Island chain on the far north of the map, and one of the most dangerous above-ground regions in the game. Carnivores spawn here in mass numbers. While the Tyrannosaurs may be easy enough to notice ahead of time and avoid, the endless Scorpions and Sabertooths may get the jump on an unwary explorer. The island is predominantly sandy beach, with a small elevated rock outcrop in the center. Two outlying islands border it to the northeast and southeast. As a general rule, the Southeast and Southern edges of The Dead Island chain tend to be safer than the north side and interior.

There are five beacon spawn locations on the island that are consistently blue-quality and above. The considerable distance between the island and the mainland means that accessing these treasures is best done by flying mount or raft.

When making a base here, think about water mainly. Making a base atop a rock can be the safest option, but it requires an immense irrigation system that setting up alone is quite a dangerous task. Having water tanks would probably be the best option but they can be unreliable and empty quickly when faced with hiding from Rexes or other predators. Another option would be to live on the island where no creatures spawn, but moving over the water can slow you down making you a primary target for hungry Raptors or a shallow-dwelling Megalodon. When making a Dead Island base, take all of these factors into mind.

Most of the creatures spawn around the northern part of the main island. The beacon spots are located on the western part of the main island.


The sea surrounding Dead Island is filled with lots of Megalodons. This makes it dangerous to hunt Coelacanths, since those are common to find around the coast, but rather uncommon in the deeper sea.

Surrounding Islands[]

The small island on the Northeast side of The Dead Island is overrun by Argentavis.

On the small island on the Southeast side of The Dead Island, creatures don't spawn.


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  • On the northeast side of the island, the entrance of the North East Cave that contains the Artifact of the Devourer can be found.
  • Multiple tall rocks can be found in the island, most of which can be built on. This makes it ideal to start a base on one of these. With even a Pteranodon with increased stamina, survivors can carry 1 or 2 foundations back and forth between safe land and The Dead Island to build a base atop one of these rocks, and then later use large fliers to bring back rewards from the island.
  • There is a set of ruins on the northern side of the island. These Ruins are located in-between the two islands of The Dead Island the most North-Eastern part of The Island, Just out side of the caves entrance. In the South-Eastern corner of the Ruins you can find the Rockwell Record #4. These ruins appear to be the ruins of a hall or church.
  • Having no herbivores on the island, which are known to provide easy EXP, Meat and Hide when hunted, living on the island is a continuous struggle for survival - if you choose it as your first settlement. It is therefore recommended to either group up with other players, or not to step foot on the island before you are able to build complete stone structures (level 20-25). You may be required to eat berries most of the time, since the most creatures often travel in packs among others, which makes hunting dangerously difficult at times for newer players.
  • You can reach the island by swimming, if you have about 130 stamina, no weight penalty and the luck not to be ambushed by a Megalodon.
  • The Dead Island is a great place to level dinos and yourself, provided you have the correct equipment.
  • When viewed from the mainland, the rocks on the island appear to resemble a shark.
  • A tamed, mounted Paraceratherium is the best terrestrial animal to explore this island, as it will go ignored by a lot of predators. Their high health, stamina, and attack levels will also help swim to the island with ease. Just be cautious as more than 3-4 Megalodons will quickly drain your health and stamina. Dismount and attack them with a long range weapon if necessary.
  • A good level Spinosaurus can not only help survive the island, but can also level extremely well (15 Levels in a day on mobile)
  • Interestingly (and completely done by accident) in Spielberg’s Jurassic park : Lost World film the feature island ( Isla Sorna) is below an island called Isla Muerta that translates to Dead Island.


  • In Helena The Island Explorer Note #20, Helena explains that Dead Island having only carnivorous creatures is impossible with a dense population because according to her, carnivore meat has more parasites than herbivore meat.