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The Emerald Forest
The Emerald Forest (Valguero).jpg
Valguero Topographic Map.jpg
32.1° Lat,  92.6° Lon
38° Lat,  57.6° Lon

The Emerald Forest is a cave in the Valguero DLC.


A large underground forest that resembles Aberration, and was the first area to introduce Aberrant creatures and tames outside of the map.

Like Aberration, creatures spawned here, which have the "Aberrant" prefix, are immune to radiation, and can then be utilized to explore The Unknown.

- The Emerald forest is the easiest way to get  Bio Toxin, you can harvest red mushrooms there for tons of  Toxin,  Mushrooms,  Rare Mushrooms and  Rare Flowers, a  Roll Rat is recommended for gathering  Mushrooms, and an  Iguanodon is recommended for  Bio Toxin.

- The Emerald Forest is the best place to tame an  Anglerfish instead of going deep down in the Ocean, they can't move freely and flee in the Emerald Forest Lakes.

Entrance Locations[]

Lat: 32.0, Lon: 92.4

Lat:37.7, Lon: 57.6


Very Common[]



Very Uncommon[]

-  Ravagers are rare, but if some spawned you'll find 2-4 ravagers.


Very Rare[]


From Local Creatures[]


  • There are black rocks with oil and a deep lake with oil nodes.
  • dotted around this area are Tek like structures similar to the Ancient device and Fallen nexus ruins on Aberration.
  • Managarmr cannot dive in The Emerald Forest, even though they can in most of Aberration.
  • This place is flyer prohibited, but unlike in aberration, fliers may enter and just cannot be ridden like in regular caves. However, players might get dismounted far away from those two entrances, sometime causing devastating troubles.
    • Around the mainland (western) entrance, if a player gets dismounted they might receive fatal fall damage. If they do survive, however, potential predators near the entrance might finish the job. As this entrance is accessible by land mounts and by foot, it is recommended to enter this way.
    • Around the lake (eastern) entrance, dismounted player is more than probable to fall into the entrance and get trapped in The Emerald Forest. They have either to kill themselves and respawn outside. The player is only able to get out by using a grapple, climbing picks, or by making it out the other side, which is very difficult if not prepared, and the large drop from the waterfall will probably kill the player.