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The Fallen Nexus
The Fallen Nexus (Aberration).png
A conglomerate of creatures surrounding a massive lake. Beware of the Crabs.
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The Fallen Nexus is a relatively safe, partially forested area. This area is dominated by the Fertile Lake, a large body of water of moderate depth. While the lake itself is quite hostile, containing both Karkinos and Spinos, the land around is far more hospitable. Carnos are the largest common predator once you leave the beach, though packs of Raptors and Ravagers may cause some grief, and Basilisk can be found buried on the shores. In terms of resources, it is important to note that the largest trees in this area cannot be harvested for Wood (though they can have Tree Sap Taps applied to them), and, despite the overwhelming presence of destroyed Metal Structures in the area, actual Metal Deposits are essentially nonexistent. However, Crystal, Green Gems, and Fungal Wood can be found quite easily, and the small creek running from the south-eastern shore contains Silica Pearls. In addition, Organic Polymer can be gathered from the Karkinos in the lake.


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In lore, with so many buildings in one location, this location is possibly the base of operations where the futuristic survivors, Diana, Santiago, Mei Yin, Helena, and Rockwell lived until the Rockwell Incident and when the Gateway Project was finished.