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Disambig This article is about a specific region named the Redwood Forests on The Island. For the biome itself, see Redwood Biome. For the Redwood Forests on The Center, see Redwood Biome (The Center). For the Redwood Forests on Ragnarok, see Redwoods (Ragnarok).

The Redwood Forests
Redwood Forests
Island in the southern center of The Island, surrounded by Rivers
Chris Twitter I can't express how insane the new Redwood Biome is!! It takes ARK to a whole new level!
~ Chris[1]


The Redwood Forests (formerly known as Deep Island) is a region in the southern center of The Island. It consists of the Redwood Forest Biome and features redwood trees with wide trunks and high treetops which can't be destroyed. These trees are the only trees in the game where players may make a tree base, by using Wooden Tree Platform Wooden Tree Platforms and Metal Tree Platform Metal Tree Platforms. In the forest center, the Red Peak rises in the air.


Surrounded by a river to the north and the swamp to the south, the Redwood Forests form the center region of the Island.


The Redwood Forests are arguably one of the most dangerous biomes to traverse in, with many players comparing it to the brutal Writhing Swamps. Many animals will attack the player, with only a few exceptions.

You might lose health or get your armor destroyed by gangs of Compies. If you try to escape into the waters, you will be met by piranhas and titanboas.

Other common predators are: Raptors, Allosaurus', Carnos, Terror Birds, Bears and Spinos. Kapros and Sarcos are also found here. In other words, the predators of the Red Wood forest are similar to the ones of the Writhing swamps, however, there are some additions that make it even worse than the swamps.

Thylas hide from above in the trees. Mounts won't protect you.

It's also hard to see at night and it's cold at night.


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  • Most creatures from both the Snow and Swamp Biome can be found in the Redwoods.
  • Prior to v243, this region was called Deep Island and was covered by a normal jungle forest. It has since been renamed and replaced with a Redwood Forest.