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The Surface - Northwest
The Surface - Northwest (Aberration).png
Death incarnate. If you made it this far you might be able to fend them off...
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Its entrance is located within the easier portion of the map in the northwest, marked by a fertile spore field. After making it past and to the end of the passage, it is a vertical climb to a ledge that open to The Surface.

Across the daylight's flaming ground, there is a corrupted purple Obelisk among spiky and irregular rock forms. During daylight the ground is on fire. The player will receive a heat debuff as well as an exposure debuff that will bring a swift end to both players and creatures alike. Explore this location only at night.

This is among one of the easiest locations to find oil outside of harvesting it from   Dung Beetle,   Trilobite, or   Seeker's rare drop. This particular surface location has two supply beacons cycling at a time. The small, resource-laden area alongside its plentiful drops makes it one of the more contested locations for resources and supply beacons.

Up to 2 Supply Drops may appear at a time in this Surface section. Comparing the size of area, this should be the easiest Surface section for Supply Drop collection compared to Southwest Surface which has 3 drops at a time, but way bigger area to spawn.


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  • Santiago hacked this Obelisk and revealed that the Overseer of Aberration was preparing for a great purge like how Helena worried: The "Gateway" constructed by the Tek village was contrary to the purpose, alongside with more secrets of ARK.


  • Obelisk in this section of Surface was protected by giant metal structure. This Obelisk is considered the easiest to reach compared to the other two.
  • The tunnel leading to this surface area is teeming with rocks that provide metal and bones near the end that give keratin. If either of these resources are required then you should seek this location for your gathering needs, though you will need charge light to deal with the Nameless that can spawn here.