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The Surface - Southwest
The Surface - Southwest (Aberration).png
Death incarnate. If you made it this far you might be able to fend them off...
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On this area of the surface there is a purple-tinted red Obelisk among spiky and irregular rock forms. During daylight the ground is on fire. The player and tames will receive a heat debuff as well as an exposure debuff, and will die within seconds. This is among one of the easiest locations to find oil outside of harvesting it from  Dung Beetle,  Trilobite, or  Seeker's rare drop. This particular surface region's resources are found further away from the entrance than usual. On the other hand it spawns up to 3 supply beacons at once which makes it the best place to acquire fantastic loot, especially if you have a Rock Drake to ride on.


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  • This is the only point of map in Aberration where Raptor Claus will appear every 00:00 during ARK: Winter Wonderland 3 and any future Winter Wonderland onwards.
    • Moreover, Raptor Claus will make more than one trip based on the current percentage of night after midnight.
    • Also, it should be noted that it is effectively pointless to search for Raptor Claus on nights that are only 10% long, as the sun will come back up before the first present even hits the ground.
  • The Obelisk in this area is the only Obelisk on Aberration in its original physical state, having no structures attached and still floating in the air. However, like all Obelisks on this map, it glows purple instead of its normal color.