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Titans are a unique variant of Bosses found on Corrupted Earth in Extinction, they dwarf almost every boss in size and are unmatched in power. As a roaming-summoned Boss, they can only be summoned from their arena-specific flooring through activating the terminal found within dungeon-depths of the cave before being seen in the map. Unlike other bosses, however, these can be tamed by eradicating the corruption emerging around their body parts. Also unlike other Bosses, which appear as level 1, all Titans arrive at Level 1000 or above with each titan having a specified level (and will gain boosted level depending on its taming efficiency), which is impossible to achieve for any other tamed creature without cheating.

Once all the corruption has been expelled from the Titan, it will fall down unconscious. All the survivor needs to do is to "use" to tame the titan. There will be a Tek Platform saddle already pre-equipped onto the the Titan. All of the Titans except the King Titan can be permanently tamed in Single Player. Another thing to note is that Titans cannot be leveled or earn XP through any ways; they will remain at the level they are tamed at. Prior to Patch 287.110, Titans were able to be fed with Kibble to prevent them from starving to death.

Each Titan requires different type of strategies when removing the corruption if the survivor intends to tame them, as the corrupting tumor spawns at random spots on the Titan whenever another tumor is destroyed or after a set period of time. This, alongside each Titan's different attack patterns, makes it imperative to prepare accordingly. Also, the Titans remain within the center of their respective summon locations (except for the Desert Titan Desert Titan). If they move too far from it, not only will they start to move back, their health will quickly regenerate.

Transferring of Titan is possible, but is only permitted within the first few hours after its tamed. Thereafter, it is no longer transferrable. If the Titan is unclaimed and claimed by another tribe, or recently transferred, it will lose all its food and start starving.

To be able to confront the final and strongest Titan, the King Titan King Titan, the survivor must kill the other 3 Titans and obtain their trophy heads. Each Titan can be killed to unlock a few Tekgrams.

List of Titans[]

Common / In Game NameName Released Diet Temperament TameableTame RideableRide BreedableBreed Saddle LevelSaddle Entity ID
Desert Titan Desert Titan November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018
June 11, 2020 September 1, 2021
Unknown Highly Aggressive Yes Yes No Bareback DesertKaiju_Character_BP_C
Forest Titan Forest Titan November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018
June 11, 2020 September 1, 2021
Unknown Highly Aggressive Yes Yes No Bareback ForestKaiju_Character_BP_C
Ice Titan Ice Titan November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018 November 6, 2018
June 11, 2020 September 1, 2021
Unknown Highly Aggressive Yes Yes No Bareback IceKaiju_Character_BP_C

There are 480 Titans, 475 of them released and 5 yet to be released (including variants).

What Defines a Titan[]

Lore wise, Titans are the creatures that caused the apocalypse and are massive in size far surpassing most creatures in size and all creatures in power, they are the reason the Arks were constructed so that they can train survivors to take on the Titans in hopes of reclaiming the planet and wiping out the Titans and Corruption. But the fact that Titans are purely made of element makes them the reason why the ARKs haven't fallen from the sky yet, forcing the ARKs to remain within space. The Titans are also the only creatures to be considered Omega level threats (basically meaning they can cause the apocalypse).

Titans are distinct in that:

  • They are massive in size.
  • They all have some degree of bioluminescence.
  • They were not created for the Arks unlike the Bosses.
  • They always spawn in the open world instead of Arenas.
  • They are completely made of Element.
  • Their attacks can potentially one hit kill about over half of all creatures in the Arks.
  • All of them have over 6 digit health bars.

They consist of the Ice Titan Ice Titan, Forest Titan Forest Titan, Desert Titan Desert Titan and the King Titan King Titan.

Why there are different categories of Bosses[]

This tab exists to clear up confusion within the community as to why Bosses are separated into categories and what makes them fit into a certain category while not fitting into others.

There are 3 main categories of Bosses within Ark that branch out specifically because of lore and game play.

Do note that all of them, regardless of category, are bosses and do share a few similarities such as Health Bars and having Trophy Heads.

  1. Ark Bosses are the bosses used on The Island, Scorched Earth and Aberration. All are within separate Arks and in lore are used specifically to help train survivors to ascend to Earth to help kill the Titans and cleanse the Corruption. They all share the traits of being fought within an arena, have variable difficulty, have high health pools, and are fought within an Ark.
  2. Titans are massive and powerful creatures that caused the story of Ark. They, along with an army of corrupted creatures, killed billions of humans forcing them to retreat. They are different as all of them spawn above level 999 and are world bosses. They all also share the trait of being massive in size. Even though Titans have much less health than the Ark Bosses and Master AI, they overall make up in raw damage that range in the thousands to the tens of thousands.
  3. Master AI and the Master Controller are creatures used within the Genesis Simulation and are closer to the traditional Ark Bosses. Like them, the Master AI and Master Controller are used to help humanity, however they are separate from Ark Bosses as they are used for a different purpose called "The Arrival." They are not used within an Ark but instead the Genesis Simulation, of which the Master AI can control their own respective maps and the Master Controller oversees everything that happens and has a lot of control, however it does not have total control like how the Overseers have over the Arks.


  • The 4 Titans are inspired by Kaiju franchises such as Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Gamera, Ultraman and etc.
    • This is evidenced by their internal spawn names involving kaiju, their immense size and power, and the fact that their counter is the meks which references the genre and how mechs often fight kaiju (such as pacific rim with the jaegers and the Godzilla Franchise with MechaGodzilla).
    • The King Titan is shown in the Extinction Expansion Pack to be capable of powering himself making himself stronger and even changing his form by transforming into the Alpha King Titan Alpha King Titan however it's unknown if the other Titans are capable of using this ability or if it's just exclusively a power for the King Titan.
    • The Ice Titan Ice Titan was shown in the trailer for Extinction and more information was given during one of the Community Livestreams.[1]
    • The Forest Titan Forest Titan was shown in the first Extinction teaser image for Extinction Chronicles IV.
    • Developers have confirmed[2] that Titans are temporary tames (1 day).
    • All Titans are classed as "Wild", unlike any of the other Bosses. After taming, based on the damaged done to the Titan, its prefix changes to "Gamma", "Beta" or "Alpha" (or none at all) next to its original name.
      • Prior to this, the stat it possessed was based on how much Health Health it had left, but due to its quick regeneration upon strafing too far from the center point of summon, it was easily exploitable.
    • Before v287.100 its lifetime was 5 days.
    • The Titans are the most powerful creatures in terms of lore and against the other bosses gameplay wise (although some bosses are tougher for players to kill but against a Titan would lose).
    • When taming, the corruption on its body will have a purple hit marker, opposed to a red hit marker when the titan itself is hit. This can he helpful when taming the titan on official, where you cannot have floating damage text.
  • The King Titan King Titan is classified along with the other 3 Titans in both lore and gameplay, though due to its inability to be tamed, it is sometimes accidentally considered to be a Boss. It is however false as:
    • The King Titan has only 2 variations whereas every other boss has had 3.
    • Furthermore the Alpha King Titan variant is not like the typical Alpha Boss variant as Alpha Bosses are always red in appearance and the Alpha King Titan instead is purple and drastically different in appearance compared to the usual color change that Alpha Bosses have appearing more like a mechanized version of the King Titan.
    • Even moreso it's explained in the lore that the King Titan is capable of powering itself making itself stronger as hinted in it's Mecha King Titan dossier which states "Even at his most powerful, fully augmented by the Element that spawned him" as opposed to the Bosses on the Arks which can't power themselves and are summoned and changed by the survivor (if they are even the same creature or just more powerful variations created by the Arks and each Guardian we fight is a entirely new Guardian as opposed to the same one).
    • Unlike all the Bosses the King Titan does not have a arena (which is one of the signature traits for normal bosses) but is instead open world.
    • The other 3 Titans are also open world instead of in a arena.
    • The only exception to this is the Broodmother on Valguero however it is a mod map and not a official story map like The Island, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, Genesis: Part 1 and Genesis: Part 2.
    • Has "Titan" in its name.
    • The lore states it to clearly be one of the Titans as Titans caused the apocalypse on earth whereas bosses are used on Arks to train survivors to take on the Titans and corrupted creatures.
    • On top of that it's the cause for the apocalypse as it controls all the Titans and Corrupted Creatures whereas the Ark Bosses are ultimately helping humanity train to take on the Titans.
      • But because the King Titan is the only one controlling the titans and corrupted creatures, killing it results in its minions being confused, leaving them vulnerable to being defeated by the survivors on the ARKs.
    • The "superior strength and girth" is more a trait of the Titans due to their massive size and power and not the Ark Bosses.
    • This is also supported in that any of the Titans can easily defeat any of the Bosses in a 1 on 1 fight and tower over every boss with the exception of Rockwell and Moeder as only the King Titan is bigger than Rockwell and Moeder.
    • The King Titan is untameable due to its intelligence and power, whereas most of the Ark Bosses from the previous maps are simulations interconnected with the Arks themselves rather than actual creatures, and aren't supposed to be tamable because they are used to test the survivors' strength. Ragnarok's mini bosses are also untameable.
    • This is also supported with Rockwell as he has a mind of his own and is very powerful due to injecting himself with element, merging with the Aberration Ark becoming a Overseer and also being highly intelligent as well however he is untamable.
    • The King Titan also always spawns above level 999 which is a Signature Trait for the Titans.
    • The only other thing that spawns above level 999 which isn't a Titan is the Mega Mek which always spawns at level 1500.
  • Strangely, if the titans are receiving too much damage, the damage they receive levels off at a fixed amount if damage gets too high. Servers with settings for high damage can make this possible.
    • For the Ice Titan, the max damage it can take per hit is 6% of its health. Any damage value higher than 6% of its health remains at that same value.
    • For the Desert Titan, the max damage it can take per hit is 10% of its health. Any damage value higher than 10% of its health remains at that same value
    • For the King Titan, the max damage it can take per hit is 30,000 damage. However, some creatures, notably other titans and the Mega Mek can deal way more damage. The max damage that they can do to the King Titan before it levels off at 30,000 is 120,000 damage per hit. This is explained when the King Titan is in its resting state, some creatures in servers with high damage settings are now doing more damage than when the King Titan is walking around.


  • The Titans have the largest number of people killed in Arks lore outmatching everything else as:
    • They nearly wiped out the entire planet killing billions of people and pushed them to the point of causing the remaining survivors to create the Arks and flee the earth in order to avoid Extinction (pun not intended) which this point in and of itself is enough to give them the highest kill count within Arks lore alone.
    • They were also technically successful in making humans go extinct as all the Survivors are clones of people as opposed to normal humans.
    • They killed off countless survivors who made it to the planet after they were chosen by the Overseers to help attempt to kill off the Titans and cleanse the earth of Corruption. However, those survivors couldn't "respawn".
      • As a Homo Deus, Helena fixed the problem by making a protocol within all survivor implants that causes survivors to cheat death over and over until they kill the King Titan.
    • They killed almost every single Survivor within Camp Omega in their initial attack (they would later go on to kill off the people who survived the attack all except for Helena and Mei Yin, who are the people that survived the attack lead by the King Titan).
    • They killed Santiago who sacrificed himself fighting off an army of Titans and Corrupted Creatures to buy the other survivors time to escape.
    • They possibly killed Mei Yin and Diana
      • In Ark chronology, they may not be dead because the duo managed to arrive at Arat Prime to immediately send Helena into the Genesis Simulation, who made HLNA the moment she was inside, all in quick succession.
    • The Titans were capable of stopping the planets rotation as well due to the amount of Element they expel which likely resulted in numerous casualties and this also explains why Extinction is in permanent day with the rare eclipse.
    • In the dossiers it is mentioned that there were once far more Titans and considering all the Titans in Extinction are vastly different from one another it can be assumed that every Titan was unique in it's own way (Ex: Fire Titan, Water Titan, etc).
      • this is also proved by the Dossiers as every Titan depicted in the Dossiers are all different in appearance.
      • The more numerous Titans were as tall and big as the in-game Mek and Mei Yin called them "lesser devils". Mei Yin also mentions that there are giant Titans bigger than her Mek but they were smaller than the in-game Titans.
    • while it is generally unknown how all but 4 of the Titans were killed off it was likely Diana and Mei Yin (2 of Arks strongest Survivors keep in mind) teaming up using their Meks combined with countless Survivors who went to the planet once the Explorer Notes for Extinction ended, this is supported by the fact that the 4 in-game Titans are the most powerful and largest of the Titans of which likely killed off the Survivors as well as the end of Extinctions Explorer Notes end with Diana saying they will help clear the way for future survivors.
    • It could also be possible that the 4 Titans in game aren't the last of the Titans as the player only plays on a small portion of earth meaning they could be scattered around the planet with the 4 strongest titans being in the specific playable area and Mei Yin, Diana and the survivors that went to earth before the player just helped to clear that area specifically which makes alot more sense realistically.
    • In the explorer notes, The One Who Waits #16 states how the Titans are made of Element, pieces of its consciousness, and how they figuratively symbolize Element's "ravenous hunger and endless hatred". This is seen when the three Titans appear out of thin air and a purple substance materializes them in their respective Proto-ARKs after you summoned them from their respective caves. This also applies to the King Titan who takes a much longer time to materialize in its arena.
      • In terms of the ARK lore story, in Diana explorer note #19, Titans are considered "Artificial Hyper Faunal Entities". On top of that, the presence of titans makes them so dangerous that a 0.03% of the human population can live on the ARK universe Earth with Titans wandering around the planet.
    • In Diana's Extinction log note #18-19, the ARKs haven't fallen yet because it is blocked by a protocol called "Element Toxicity Rating". The ARKs are capable of removing element but the current density on the planet is too high. That density is coming from the Titans who are crazily spreading element across the planet's surface in order for the chemical to make more titans.
      • This also shows the power of the Titans as in Extinction only 4 Titans were left on the planet and they were still keeping all the Arks in space still despite their being only 4 of them left, granted they were among the largest and strongest of the Titans however it still shows their immense power to maintain a planet's worth of element. Based on the Extinction lore, the in-game titans appeared after Helena ascended and Mei Yin killed a majority of the lesser titans when Diana described a walking forest (Forest Titan) approaching Mei Yin and her mek, and a titan that has made enormous tracks near the Snow Dome(Ice Titan).
      • The explorer note describes how the titans and corrupted creatures attack their target by surrounding and overwhelming them. If the ARKs landed when the Element level is too high, each ARK and its life would be destroyed by this same tactic. Therefore, the Element Toxicity Rating is keeping the ARKs in orbit.
  • In the ARKs, an ARK survivor meets and faces the apex predator of each respective ARK. All of the apex predators except the Alpha predators have traits similar to the 4 Titans of Extinction. It is as if the survivor has to find a way to deal with each one by themselves and be able to tame each one. Because of their massive size and power, each predator alone is extremely dangerous to approach, much less killing one and all of them require creative methods in order to tame one. In lore, each apex predator have greatly affected the story of the ARKs. All three of them also make the backbone of the Corrupted, as most of them are common in the most dangerous areas of the Wasteland as Corrupted Creatures. Based on Helena's dossiers, each apex predator have at least 4 check marks in what they are best at while typical predators have 2-3 checkmarks.
    • The Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus-the apex predators of the Island, the giga ravages everything in its path with no regard of what it is sinking its fangs into. The giga is the strongest of the 3 ARK apex predators in terms of raw damage. This is similar to the Ice Titan which acts like a wild animal and turns its attention to anything. Both have a short burst of speed where the giga has low stamina but quick running speed and the Ice Titan has jumping to make up its speed. In lore, Mei Yin's giganotosaurus not only destroyed her tames, but it severely weakened the New Legion's power on the Island. Based on Helena's dossier, the giganotosaurus has 4 check marks for both its bite attacks and supposed claw attacks.
    • The Wyvern Wyvern-the apex predators of Scorched Earth, the wyvern uses its already deadly bite along with its long range, yet devastating elemental attacks while flying. The wyvern is the fastest of the 3 ARK apex predators in terms of speed. This is akin to the Desert Titan, which flies and uses lightning and its flocks to attack from a distance while also moving to any direction and location in a short time. It is given that both are able to fly. In lore, the wyverns destroyed many Scorched Earth settlements as an effort for the ARK to conserve resources. Based on Helena's dossier, the wyvern has 5 check marks for its respective elemental attacks.
    • The Reaper Reaper-the apex predators of Aberration, the Reaper uses acid attacks and other forms of attacking to slow down and defeat its prey. It also has natural armor that is hard to penetrate without the use of Charge Light. The Reaper is the most durable and most flexible of the 3 ARK apex predators. This is similar to the Forest Titan which it uses vines to slow down and damage too, it significantly reduces damage due to its wooden body similarly to the Reapers natural armor. The Titan also uses poisonous trees that makes it difficult for survivors to move around similarly to how Reapers can create acid clouds making areas hazardous. In lore, the Reapers were so numerous in the Aberration Element region that they slowed the Futuristic Tribe's progress on the Gateway Project since they needed Element ore. Based on Helena's dossier, the reaper has 4 check marks for shredding armor and a specialty in killing humans.
    • Each of the apex predators are unchallenged or have very few challengers on their respective ARKs but the Mek rivals all three since it is a balance of power, speed and armor. A mek can potentially take each one down in a 1v1 situation. This is true when an ace mek pilot can easily take down each titan. In lore, Mei Yin was able to hold off and kill hundreds, if not thousands of titans in her mek, Diana effortlessly defeated the forest titan, and the duo in the Mega Mek forced the King Titan in a full retreat.
    • Finally the Guardians and Overseers with in specific the Overseers could be used to prepare survivors for the King Titan due to having multiple variations based on difficulty which is similar to how the King Titan can make itself stronger by augmenting itself with more element and more so the Overseers due to their ability to transform like how the King Titan can transform into a mechanized version of itself. They also tend to summon and control minions similarly to how the King Titan controls the other Titans and Corrupted Creatures.
  • In story lore, the in-game titans appeared just after Mei-Yin fought off a horde of Corrupted Creatures and Titans utilizing her Mek and tames as Mei-Yin and Diana described the Forest Titan in their explorer notes. In Diana Explorer Note #15, Diana described a titan that was make huge tracks in the snow biome (Ice Titan) and in The One Who Waits explorer notes Helena mentions that the Desert Titan appeared after the Extinction Explorer Notes and that it was the third and youngest of the 3


Patch Changes
285.104 Extinction Expansion Release Ice Titan Ice Titan, Forest Titan Forest Titan, Desert Titan Desert Titan, Desert Titan Flock Desert Titan Flock and King Titan King Titan are added to the game
  • Titans should no longer consume Food Food in singleplayer
  • Titan beta and gamma Health Health fix
  • Transmitter UI no longer shows Titan is downloadable during 2 hour download limit
  • Increased rate of starvation by approximately 3x
  • Prevented all Titans from basing on any character
  • All Titans now do significant damage to Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) Orbital Supply Drop (Extinction) force field and crates
  • Fixed stat reset when Titan was downloaded on a server
  • Wild Titans now deal 5x more Melee Damage Damage to Tamed Titans
  • Accumulated damage during Titan boss fights now determine taming effectiveness, as opposed to previously when it was based on remaining Health Health
  • Added minute and hour display to cooldown timer
  • Increased cooldown for all Titans to 6 hours
  • Tamed Titan possession reduced to 1 day in the same server
  • Titans that are downloaded to other servers now have their Food Food set to 0
  • Health Health regeneration now turns off 1 hour after Titan is tamed
  • Added Tek engrams that can be unlocked by Titan deaths
  • Titan despawn timer checks only regard players within its arena
  • Potential fix for increasing timer after cooldown scenarios
  • Increased starvation time from 30 minutes to a little over 1 hour before Titan death
  • Consuming Kibble Kibble no longer gives Food Food
  • Removed Titan summon cooldown in singleplayer
  • Mek Meks now do approximately 3x more damage to Tamed Titans with pistol, and approximately 9x more damage to Tamed Titans with sword
  • Increased Auto Turret Turret damage multipliers towards Tamed Titans
  • Titans are now disabled from movement or attacking for 15 minutes after being downloaded, and take increased damage in this state
  • Increased Titan download cooldown to 6+ hours
  • Fixed a typo in vertical 'Can't Damage' message
289.100 Titan saddle physics improvements
291.100 Reduced Titan Melee Damage Melee Damage towards structures
293.100 Fixed exploit related to Titan downloads
310.90 Titans can no longer be transferred into Genesis
313.10 Fixed a bug where downloaded Titans were not saving on servers

Note: Patches that relate to only 1 Titan specifically can be found in each of their individual changelogs