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Torpidity is the measure of weariness for a Human or a Creature. If a Human's Torpidity reaches 50, they will fall unconscious. You cannot do anything while unconscious, and other players can easily move you around, force-feed you more narcotics, take items from your inventory, or simply kill you. Creatures will fall unconscious when their Torpidity reaches its maximum value. Once the Torpidity of an unconscious player or creature reaches 0, they will wake up.

Increasing Torpidity on Humans and Creatures[]

Torpidity can be increased by:



All multipliers inside brackets explain how much of the Health Damage is dealt as Torpidity. If there are 2 multipliers, then the first is dealt instantly and the second is dealt over the specified duration.

Electric Prod deals 500 Torpidity instantly and is affected by Weapon %, meaning a 500% Prod will deal 2500 Torpidity. Strong but single use.


Status Effects[]

Attacks by Creatures[]

Torpidity will also increase slowly when starving or dehydrated, and with every melee attack performed with no Stamina Stamina.

Torpidity goes down over time, and consuming Stimberry Stimberries or Stimulant Stimulant will decrease Torpidity faster.

The attacks that increase Torpidity can be sorted into two main categories. Short-Acting attacks (such as those from Slingshot Slingshot, Electric Prod Electric Prod and Pachy Pachy) increase Torpidity immediately, while Extended Effect attacks (such as those from Pulmonoscorpius Pulmonoscorpius, Titanoboa Titanoboa and Beelzebufo Beelzebufo) increase torpidity over time. Some attacks are in both categories, such as Tranquilizer Arrow Tranquilizer Arrow and Tranquilizer Dart Tranquilizer Dart.

The amount of Torpidity inflicted by attacks scales directly with the amount of damage dealt (E.g headshots with Tranquilizer Arrow Tranq Arrows will increase both the Health damage and Torpor damage by various amounts, depending on the target). Since most Torpidity-increasing effects come in the form of hostile attacks and bites, it's advised to wear good Armor to combat the Torpidity Torpidity infliction. For example, Flak Armor Flak Armor heavily increases your chances against Titanoboa Titanoboa compared to using Hide Armor Hide Armor, as the former provides more damage resistance, and thus more Torpor resistance, allowing you to take more hits before being knocked out. The armour value provided by a creature's Saddle Saddle works the same way.

Consuming or force-feeding multiple Narcotics at once won't cause Torpor to rise faster, but will instead increase the duration of the narcotic effect (e.g Using one Narcotic will cause Torpor to increase for 8 seconds, using two at the same time will cause it to increase for 16 seconds, and using one when 4 seconds remain from a previous Narcotic will increase the effect's duration to 12 seconds). A popular way of taming creatures with rapid Torpidity loss, such as Gallimimus Gallimimus and Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus, is force-feeding many Narcotic at once, as a creature's Torpor stat will stop decreasing while the creature is under a Torpidity-increasing effect. Feeding many Narcotics at once will cause the creature's Torpidity to increase for longer, and if enough are used, the effect can last the entire duration of the taming process, thus not allowing Torpor to drop at all. It is important to note however that if any stat reaches its maximum value, including Torpidity, any status effects affecting that particular stat will immediately wear off. So if, for example, a creature would reach max Torpidity with the use of three Narcotics, using any more than three will not result in any additional duration, as Torpidity will reach maximum before the addition duration would occur.

A lot of melee weapons also increase the Torpidity, but the low amount is not usually worth the high risk of death, especially in lategame.


The Torpidity stat cannot be directly increased, but can be affected by Fortitude Fortitude. The higher your Fortitude, the higher your resistance to torpidity-increasing effects. In addition, each point invested into Fortitude will increase your knock-out threshold by 1.

Torpidity Decay[]

All creatures and players have a natural Torpidity Decay Rate which determines how fast they will fight off the Torpidity and wake up. Some creatures, like Giganotosaurus Giganotosaurus, lose Torpidity at a prodigious rate, while others seem to just love to sleep. Once again, it is important to remember that Torpidity Decay is always put on hold whilst under a Torpidity-increasing effect, so as long as new Torpidity is applied (i.E. via Narcotic Narcotic or creature attacks), a creature or player cannot recover from unconsciousness.

For example, a Crossbow Crossbow equipped with Tranquilizer Arrow Tranquilizer Arrows will immediately inflict Torpidity equal to 200% of the Health damage dealt, and additional Torpidity damage equal to 250% of the Health damage dealt over 4 seconds. During those 4 seconds, the target's Torpidity Decay is put on hold, so the most resource- and time-efficient method would be to shoot the Crossbow once every 4 seconds. However, not only can this be somewhat difficult to accurately measure in the heat of combat, the duration of the Torpidity effects of Tranquilizer Arrow Tranquilizer Arrows and Tranquilizer Dart Tranquilizer Darts stack, similar to Narcotic, so shooting in rapid succession is usually a much easier way to render a creature unconscious. Utilizing an external tool such as ARK Unity or Dododex can allow players to determine exactly how many shots are required to knock out a certain creature, and thus avoid wasting supplies.

Aside from arrows and darts however, Torpidity effects usually do not stack. The Scorpion Scorpion for example applies a debuff with every attack that increases Torpidity by 300% of the Health damage dealt over 10 seconds, but subsequent hits will not increase the timer, instead the timer needs to be waited out, before a new effect can be applied. Therefore, attacking more often than that won't increase Torpidity any faster, while the damage from the attack itself will still occur, possibly killing the target before a KO can be achieved. A Slingshot Slingshot or Pachy Pachy on the other hand will apply Torpidity instantly, but will not apply any debuff, causing the Torpidity Decay to start immediately after each hit. Getting the timing right is critical when using methods other than arrows/darts to knock out creatures. If you wait too long between attacks, the Torpidity on the creature might already have decayed completely, meaning additional attacks, and thus more health damage, will be necessary to knock out the creature, making further taming attempts potentially more difficult or less rewarding.

Video Walkthrough[]


  • Torpidity is one of two stats that cannot be leveled up once a dino has been tamed (the other being Movement Speed Movement Speed (flyers only)). Increasing Fortitude Fortitude will increase a player's resistance to Torpidity-increasing effects, but not directly increase the Torpidity stat.
  • If a Creature was released from a Cryopod (Extinction) Cryopod by a player under the effect of Cryo Cooldown, they will be inflicted with the Cryo Sickness status effect, immediately rendering them unconscious with full Torpidity. Creatures affected by Cryo Sickness will take longer to wake up than normal. Stimberry Stimberries or Stimulant Stimulant do reduce Torpidity as normal, but the duration of Cryo Sickness is not affected by Torpidity, meaning that a creature can wake up before Cryo Sickness wears off, and will still suffer the other effects of the status condition (decreased damage resistance, inability to be stored in a Cryopod etc) until it wears off naturally.
  • By wearing a Gas Mask Gas Mask, it is possible to avoid Torpidity infliction by the Tripwire Narcotic Trap and Poison Grenade.
  • Unconscious players are immune to fall damage.
  • Torpidity was named Torpor in the game before v275.0.