A small militant police tribe. Does not readily help out new players, but lets them do everything on their own to allow maximum freedom. Destroys all thatch buildings wherever they're found to help new players build directly wooden structures that protect better against PVE. Controls map all around except western-most coast with 7 metal bases each capable of defeating a large tribe. Won two large wars against hacker tribes and a large raider tribe with rocket launchers and trexes. Trusts on material overpower and controls chitin actively to prevent potential hackers acquire it in massive quantities. Does not block metal from anyone, but uses explosives abundantly to release hacker tribe blockages. Possibly the best tribe to be in ARK. Consists of few American and Finnish streamers, elite and hardcore players (from games like CS, Starcraft and Dota2). Owns a prize winner ARK digest landmark (WaterBase Community Crunch #13). Server highly recommended for good players and people looking for a firewall against hackers, prepare for mind-blowing experiences with Solitude.
Leader Khayman
Server Name
Official Server 104
Dino Ownership Tribe
Dino Taming Tribe
Structure Ownership Admin
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