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* Darth
* Darth
* Vested
* Vested
* Bossa
* Xavier

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Terran federation
We are a PVE tribe that prefers to do recreational things on xbox
Leader Slick
Server Name
Drumrun 604 Abberation
Dino Ownership personal owned tribe riden
Dino Taming tribe
Structure Ownership tribe
Locks and Pincodes tribe with ranks
Main Base Location
The Island Topographic Map.jpg
coords: 44.6° Lat, 85.4° Lon

An Empire led by Slick With admins Void and Social.


In 2018 we started our quest of Conquest to beat all story maps in the order they came out. In 2020 we beat both Scorched Earth and the island on alpha and we are currently on aberration. We have lost... And gained players over time. The tribe roster is account names. Slick604 (talk) 22:32, 1 February 2021 (UTC) If your looking for our official tribe Tribe:Swiftstrike


  • Darth
  • Vested
  • Xavier


  • Rex


Upcoming Events

Aberration ASCENSION Will be after Genesis part 2. A Middle Ages style event where we duke it out in flak armor with swords shields and bows

Past Events

ASCENSION The Island. Manticore FIGHT. COMMUNITY RUMBLE 1 has ended

How to join

We have no website so please contact me on xbox


We currently have servers on Valguero[Closed for renovations],aberration, And the new Ragnarok pvp server

Upcoming Servers

A Genesis: Part 2 Server [The moment it comes out]. And a genesis 1 server