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Tribute an artifact you recovered from caves at a Obelisk, and get rewarded!

Tributing is a feature in ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile


After recovering an Artifact from a Cave, it can be brought to an Obelisk. After accessing the Obelisk's Inventory and selecting an Artifact from the player's Inventory, there will be an option to “Tribute”. Selecting this will cause music to play and a beam of light will shoot into the Obelisk. A few seconds later, the music stops and an object comes down from the Obelisk. Instead of claiming the prize in the Obelisk’s Inventory, there will be a pop-up dialogue displaying 3 to 5 items, you can find them in your inventory. However, you don't need to wait for the pop-up dialogue to appear, you can check your inventory immediately after you have tributed the artifact.

Tributing Pt. Notes will yield 1 ×  Eery Element.

Rewards for Tributing[]

Common items come in higher Item Qualities.

Artifact Possible Rewards Number of Rewards
Artifact of the Hunter
(from the Cave in the South)
Artifact of the Clever
(from the The Middle Chamber)
Artifact of the Massive
(from the Lava Cave)
Artifact of the Skylord
(from the Northwest Hollow)
Artifact of the Immune
(from the Swamp Cave)
Artifact of the Strong
(from the Snow Cave)