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Tropical Island South
Tropical Island South (The Center).jpg
A serene, tropical island.
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Tropical Island South is a survivor-friendly island to the east in the DLC: The Center.


The Tropical Island South is one of the easiest areas for a new survivor to start in. The Blue Obelisk is located here, and there are plenty of mid-game resources. A large cove cuts into the east of the island for a deep water pen or naval port. Dozens of Metal nodes and a few Crystals are hidden atop the small mountain. Skull Island is a short flight (or voyage) away to the southwest, and will provide extremely large amounts of Metal, Obsidian, and Crystal.


  • Tropical Island North (North)
  • Leviathan Bay (Unofficially-Named - East side of island)
  • Skull Island (Southwest)


Very Common[]




Very Rare[]


Floral / Mineral[]



  • Tropical Islands North and South are the easiest areas to get started for new players on The Center. However, late-game resources will need to be imported from elsewhere.