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Underground World
A huge cave hidden beneath the surface.
The Center Topographic Map
34.9° Lat,  65.8° Lon
34.3° Lat,  53.3° Lon
53.5° Lat,  53.8° Lon
32.7° Lat,  64.1° Lon
44.2° Lat,  58.0° Lon
66.1° Lat,  51.7° Lon
Artifact of the Pack
Artifact of the Pack
60.7° Lat, 53.8° Lon


The Underground World is an exclusive feature of the DLC: The Center.

The Underground World is an underground ecosystem inspired by Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth, and is entirely separated from the rest of the map. There are six entrances (all well hidden), and once an entrance has been located, entering the Underground World is (mostly) easy; getting back out is difficult. To get down without a flyer, the easiest way is by using a Parachute Parachute or Terror Bird Terror Bird. A flying mount is required to be able to pass freely between here and the surface without building a lengthy stairway or ladder. The journey to this region itself can be perilous, as each of the passageways into the Underground World have their own challenges to overcome.

Once inside, a sprawling cavernous ecosystem emerges with forests, waterfalls, and dinosaurs. Along the ceiling surrounded by stalactites floats a miniature sun. A large sea contains plenty of Silica Pearls Silica Pearls, Oil Oil, and Trilobite Trilobite for Chitin Chitin. Metal Metal and Crystal Crystal is in abundance here along the cavern walls. Obsidian Obsidian can be found at the end of the lava-filled entrace at 34.9, 65.8. Although the ecosystem here looks most like a warm island beach, with palms and jungle flora, as well as animals you’d find on the beaches, the climate is more similar to the arctic regions of the map. Without proper clothing, you will freeze to death very quickly so come prepared!

Unlike other caves, this underground world is not under the 6x damage multiplier.

The Artifact of the Pack Artifact of the Pack can also be found here in a section of the Underground World called the Jumping Puzzle.


34.9, 65.8 Flyer-accessible entrance on the top of a peak. Flying in this entrance is permissible on official servers, however caution and Parachute Parachute are advised. (Tested 8/26/2017)

UW TC Entrance1

The flyer-accessible entrance at 34.9, 65.8

  • The journey consists of a long cave with narrow stone bridges occupied by deadly creatures over deep ravines of lava.
  • This is one of the entrances that flyers can access, and one without water. The other one is the Ruins entrance.
  • The journey through this entrance gets very laggy due to the amount of creatures. It is suggested that you either lead them into the lava or stick to the ceiling with your flyer.

32.7, 64.1: Underwater entrance at the bottom of a river.

UW TC Entrance3

The underwater entrance at 32.7, 64.1

  • SCUBA or a high-oxygen stat is required to access this entrance.
  • The journey consists of a long cave with dangerous heights, narrow passageways, and deadly creatures.
  • You will have to crouch at a point in this journey, so bringing large mounts is not advised, as they will be trapped.

34.3, 53.3: Flooded entrance in some ruins on an unnamed island off the north island.

UW TC Entrance2

The flooded entrance at 34.3, 53.3

44.2, 58.0: Underwater entrance at the bottom of a small river bay near a set of ruins on the middle island.

UW TC Entrance4

The underwater entrance at 44.2, 58.0

  • SCUBA or a high-oxygen stat is NOT required to access these entrances (it is entirely possible to do with 100 oxygen) making it by far the easiest entrance to take. Swim to the bottom of one of the pits, surface, then drop down into the cavern. It is next to impossible to return to the surface via this route however, unless you wish to leave a valuable flyer behind, or build the world’s largest ladder.
  • The journeys are a nerve racking, perilous jump from the surface straight into the sea of the Underground World, hundreds of feet below. The water prevents fall damage if done correctly. (note- this would kill you in real life, with or without water)
  • The sea itself is filled with many vicious Manta Mantas you should avoid contact with. Swim to the nearest piece of land (a small island to your left) immediately, and don't look back. Additionally try to avoid any Ichthyosaurus Ichthyosaurus that you may encounter, as whilst they may not directly attack you, their huge numbers and inquisitive nature can lead to up to 20 encircling you. This completely inhibits your movement, wasting your stamina, and leaving you at the wrath of the Manta Mantas. If encircled the best course of action is to swim downwards, and hug the ocean floor for a short while, then return to the surface.
  • Avoid the ledge that juts out on your way down the shafts; erroneously jumping into that will probably kill you.

66.1,51.7 Underwater entrance

  • This entrance was added in PC patch 245.0
  • This is one of two entrances where players can go back and forth between the Underground World and the surface on foot.
  • This path is very long and you will not survive without either Lazarus Chowder Lazarus Chowder or a SCUBA Tank SCUBA Tank.
  • Mosasaurus Mosasaurus and Tusoteuthis fit in here, giving full-accessibility to most but the largest aquatic and amphibious creatures tamed inside or outside the underground world to traverse both sides.
    • Keeps your pure-aquatic mounts away from water surface before you reach the ocean in Underground World.
  • Swim along the path until you come to an underwater temple of a monkey. At that point turn right, stay low, and hug the right wall until you find another path branching off. Follow that path and it will let you out in the Lake of the Underground World. Watch out for Angler Anglers during this swim.

53.5, 53.8 Ruins entrance.

  • This entrance was added in PC patch 245.0
  • This entrance is very long, dangerous, and easy to get lost in.
  • This is one of two entrances where players can go back and forth between the Underground World and the surface on foot.
  • Therizinosaur Therizinosaur is the largest creature that has full-accessibility(in and out) for this entrance. Megatherium Megatherium can go in, but won't be able to get out from this way due to a bottleneck point that is easily walked over on the way in because of the tunnel’s slope. Even smaller creatures with wide stances can get stuck however, such as scorpions and trikes. These creatures can either be lead back to the main cavern and retrieved via flyer, left behind or led through via ghost console commands (can cause major bugs when used with mounts however).
  • When you first enter through the surface entrance, walk until you get to a point where you can see some more ruins and some lit fires, with a pathway down from the ledge you're on on your right. There will be a staircase up and a hole in the wall beneath that. The staircase leads to a potential loot crate spawn, so it may be worth checking, but the hole in the wall is the way towards Underground World. After walking through the hole in the wall, you will find a crystal cave. Continue going forward through this cave, being careful not to fall off the pathway (however, if you have at least two Parachute Parachutes, you can parachute off the pathway, turn around, and then parachute down again for a shortcut to the Underground World). Once you pass through the crystal cave, it will open into a much larger, flooded cave with some more ruins in the center, with some stairs going down into the water on the left.
    • Path 1: Jump down into the water and swim counter-clockwise around the ruins. This path is very long and you will not survive without either Lazarus Chowder Lazarus Chowder or a SCUBA Tank SCUBA Tank. Swim all the way down and hug the right wall until you find a path that branches off to the right. At this point, simply follow the cave until it lets you out into the lake of the Underground World. Watch out for Angler Anglers during this swim.
    • Path 2: Climb down the stairs and follow the left wall. You will be led into a cave with lots of stalagmites on the ground. Follow it to the end and you will arrive in the Underground World. This path is much shorter than path 1 and requires almost no swimming, but the final cave typically has a very large amount of Araneo Araneo, Arthropluera Arthropluera, Onyc Onyc, Pulmonoscorpius Pulmonoscorpius, and Titanoboa Titanoboa.
  • Creatures are leveled up to 300 in this route. They are not tamable regardless of level.


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  • For some reasons, Bola cannot be thrown in the Underground World just like in other caves(will hit air immediately after thrown). You can still use them, but have to be very close to the dino.
  • The Underground World itself is flyer-allowed. For its entrances however, they are flyer-prohibited.
    • The only ways you may bring a flyer into the Underground World is via 34.9, 65.8 or 53.5, 53.8, as they are not flooded.
  • There is a glitch where after spawning in the Underground World, some creatures won't be able to move until they are attacked or aggravated.
  • This was the largest cave system pre-Aberration, and still is the largest and only cave system containing a biome that is found otherwise on the surface.
  • The fact that both Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurs can be found in the Underground World is likely a reference to the novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, from which this location borrows heavy inspiration. Also, during the novel, an Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurs are encountered inside a prehistoric subterranean world.
  • The Underground World does not have its own biome. It uses "DeepOcean" as its biome, which almost never goes above 0℃, so Hypothermic Insulation would be necessary if players want to live here permanently.
  • Basilosaurus will take depth damage along the tunnel and in the lake itself due to the low altitude of these locations, despite seeming shallow.
  • For the artifact chamber containing Artifact of the Pack, see Jumping Puzzle.