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Underwater Dome
East Underwater Bubble (The Center)
Mysterious underwater pockets of air.

Underwater Dome or Bubble is a region unique to the DLC: The Center.


The Underwater Dome is a mysterious pockets of air in the deep ocean. No creatures spawn inside these domes, and they can be a welcome place of sanctuary for any survivor exploring the ocean depths. Ruined archways, tall trees, and flowering bushes can be found here among other resources.

Structures in the Underwater Dome appear to take 6x damage on PvP servers.

Locations and Resources[]

The Dome is located in (26.1/89.9).


  • Sea creatures cannot come within a few meters of the Underwater Bubbles themselves as though they've come to an invisible wall. This can be exploited when taming dangerous ocean creatures like Plesiosaur Plesiosaurs, Mosasaurus Mosasaurus and Basilosaurus Basilosaurus.
  • Always make sure to enter the Underwater Bubble from the bottom of the ocean floor; entering from higher up will result in fall damage and possibly death.
  • Unlike the Deep Ocean, player's thirst meter will fill when it rains.
  • You cannot use a teleporter to teleport creatures into the dome as the creatures will just teleport to the surface, neither can you Uncryo a Creature.