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Urwald Swamp
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The Urwald Swamp is a region in the Valguero DLC.

you'll have to watch out for dangers there, mainly   Piranhas,   Kaprosuchus and angry   Sarcosuchus.

it's a vast swamp full of swamp exclusive critters and   Rare Mushrooms, well exclusively to Valguero you can also get those mushrooms in The Emarald Forest as well as some   Aberrant Variants of exclusive swamp critters such as   Aberrant Dimetrodons,   Aberant Frogs or easy   Leech Blood from   Lampreys ( Bring a   Sabertooth/  Wolf)


The Urwald swamp is the only swamp available in Valguero DLC, there you can find   Plant Species X Seed for base defence, and the following creatures with different purposes:

-   Beelzebufo for gathering   Cementing Paste.

-   Kaprosuchus as hidden base traps for PVP.

-   Paracer as a war mount and a walking house.

-   Dimetrodon as a living air conditioner for   Fertilized Eggs.

-   Leech to kill it for   Leech Blood.

-   Achatina for producing   Cementing Paste.

as well as many other exclusive creatures to that place on Valguero, you can also clearly see a   Tapejara but they don't naturally spawn there.


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  • "Urwald" is a German word commonly used for jungle or tropical rain forest. It directly translates to "ancient (ur) forest (wald)" and can be used to describe any ancient, uncultivated forest, with very large trees and plentiful fauna.
  • At the bottom of the water at the deep end of the swamp is a sunken temple-like structure. Entering this structure leads to a path of stairs downward which open up into a hallway. In this hallway is a large statue of a T-Rex and a button on the wall that can be pressed. Pressing this button will cause the wall on the opposite end of the hall to move, revealing a hidden shrine-like structure. This ultimately seems to serve no purpose, however. It was most likely a scrapped concept from the original mod version of the Valguero map.