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Note that (except where noted): identified errors are based on the information provided on Discord. That is to say: I am assuming that what Discord says is accurate, but it is possible that Discord has misinformation and that the /shop doesn't feature the errors.

Buying[edit | edit source]

In chat, type:


IDs can be found below.

Quantity will default to 1 if left unspecified.

Quantity refers to the number of purchases - so be wary when making a purchase that gives multiple items (e.g. /buy savo 3 will buy 3 amounts of Savoroot Seeds (x3) for a total of 9 seeds).

Quantity is ignored for creature purchases - you can only buy one at a time.

For example:

/buy t3reaper
/buy tax

Selling[edit | edit source]

You can sell stacks of metal for 100 coins.

Command Value Description
/sell metal 100 Metal Ingot (5000x)

You can add a quantity to sell multiple stacks.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Primitive[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
chitinset 60 Chitin Suit Set (1x) All
desertset 200 Desert Armor Set (1x) All
flakset 200 Flak Suit Set (1x) All
furset 200 Fur Armor Set (1x) All
gasmask 200 Gas Mask (1x) All
ghillieset 200 Ghillie Suit Set (1x) All
hazardset 200 Hazard Suit Set (1x) All
leatherset 40 Leather Armor Set (1x) All
mshi 200 Metal Shield (1x) All
rshi 300 Riot Shield (1x) All
riotset 400 Riot Suit Set (1x) All
scubaset 200 Scuba Set (1x) All

High Quality[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
chitinset+ 120 Quality Chitin Suit Set (1x) All
desertset+ 400 Quality Desert Armor Set (1x) All
flakset+ 400 Quality Flak Suit Set (1x) All
furset+ 400 Quality Fur Armor Set (1x) All
ghillieset+ 400 Quality Ghillie Suit Set (1x) All
hazardset+ 400 Quality Hazard Suit Set (1x) All
leatherset+ 80 Quality Leather Armor Set (1x) All
mshi+ 400 Quality Metal Shield (1x) All
rshi+ 600 Quality Riot Shield (1x) All
riotset+ 600 Quality Riot Suit Set (1x) All
scubaset+ 400 Quality Scuba Set (1x) All

Chibis[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
CBAllo 300 Allo Chibi All
300 Ammonite Chibi All Missing
CBAnky 300 Anky Chibi All
CBArgent 300 Argent Chibi All
300 Astrocetus Chibi All Missing
CBBary 300 Baryonix Chibi All
300 Basilisk Chibi All Missing
CBBeaver 300 Beaver Chibi All
300 Beelzebufo Chibi All Missing
CBBronto 300 Bronto Chibi All
300 Bunny Chibi All Missing
CBCarbo 300 Carbo Chibi All
CBCarno 300 Carno Chibi All
CBCherufe 300 Cherufe (magmasaur) Chibi All
300 Cnidaria Chibi All Missing
CBDae 300 Daedon Chibi All
300 Diebear Chibi All Missing
300 Dodo Chibi All Missing
CBDoed 300 Doed Chibi All
CBDrake 300 Drake Chibi All
CBEquus 300 Equus Chibi All
CBGasbag 300 Gasbag Chibi All
CBGiga 300 Giga Chibi All
300 Ape Chibi All Missing
CBGriff 300 Griffon Chibi All
CBIquan 300 Iguanadon Chibi All
300 Karkinos Chibi All Missing
CBKent 300 Kentro Chibi All
CBMammoth 300 Mammoth Chibi All
300 Managarmr Chibi All Missing
300 Manta Chibi All Missing
CBMega 300 Megalania Chibi All
CBBuck 300 Megaloceros Chibi All
300 Megalodon Chibi All Missing
CBApe 300 Megapiticus Chibi All
CBSloth 300 Megatherium Chibi All
CBMoschop 300 Moschops Chibi All
CBOvi 300 Oviraptor Chibi All
CBOvus 300 Ovus Chibi All
CBSheep 300 Ovus Chibi All
300 Pair-o-Saurs Chibi All Missing
CBRacer 300 Paracer Chibi All
CBPara 300 Parasaur Chibi All
300 Party Rex Chibi All Missing
CBPheonix 300 Pheonix Chibi All Typo in name
CBPhio 300 Phiomia Chibi All
300 Plesiosaur Chibi All Missing
CBRoo 300 Procotpatdon Chibi All
CBPteran 300 Pteranadon Chibi All
CBQuetz 300 Quetzal Chibi All
CBRaptor 300 Raptor Chibi All
CBReaper 300 Reaper Chibi All
CBReax 300 Rex Chibi All
CBRhino 300 Rhino Chibi All
CBGolem 300 Rock Golem Chibi All
CBRoll 300 Rollrat Chibi All
CBSaber 300 Sabertooth Chibi All
300 Sarco Chibi All Missing
CBScorp 300 Scorpion Chibi All
300 Seeker Chibi All Missing
CBShifterL 300 Shapeshifter Large Chibi All
CBShifterS 300 Shapeshifter Small Chibi All
300 Skeletal Bronto Chibi All
300 Skeletal Carno Chibi All
300 Skeletal Giga Chibi All
300 Skeletal Jerboa Chibi All
300 Skeletal Quetzal Chibi All
300 Skeletal Raptor Chibi All
300 Skeletal Rex Chibi All
300 Skeletal Stego Chibi All
300 Skeletal Trike Chibi All
300 Skeletal Wyvern Chibi All
CBOwl 300 Snow Owl Chibi All
CBSpider 300 Bloodstalker Chibi All
CBSpino 300 Spino Chibi All
CBStego 300 Stego Chibi All
CBTape 300 Tapejara Chibi All
CBTerror 300 Terror Bird Chibi All
CBTheri 300 Therizino Chibi All
CBThyla 300 Thyla Chibi All
CBTitan 300 Titanosaurus Chibi All
CBTrike 300 Trike Chibi All
CBTroo 300 Troodon Chibi All
300 Tropeognathus Chibi All Missing
300 Unicorn Chibi All Missing
CBWolf 300 Wolf Chibi All
CBWyv 300 Wyvern Chibi All
300 Yutyrannus Chibi All Missing

Better Dino Chibis[edit | edit source]

The following are all missing.

ID Cost Description Map
300 Liopleurodon Chibi All
300 Stygilomoch Chibi All
300 Styracosaurus Chibi All
300 Tek Ankylosaurus Chibi All
300 Tek Giganotosaurus Chibi All
300 Tek Griffin Chibi All
300 Tek Mosa Chibi All
300 Tek Quetz Chibi All
300 Tek Raptor Chibi All
300 Tek Rex Chibi All
300 Tek Stego Chibi All
300 Tek Trike Chibi All

Consumables[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
abmush 100 Aberration Mushroom Basket (5x each) All
colors 400 All Dyes (20x ea) All
battle 60 Battle Tartare (1x) All
broth 200 Broth of Enlightenment (1x) All
bug 60 Bug Repellant (1x) All
cact 60 Cactus Broth (1x) All
calien 60 Calien Soup (1x) All
jerkyc 100 Cooked Meat Jerky (10x) All
enduro 60 Enduro Stew (1x) All
energy 60 Energy Brew (10x) All
focal 100 Focal Chili (1x) All
fria 40 Fria Curry (1x) All
honey 150 Giant Bee Honey (10x) All
iced 100 Iced Canteen (1x) All
lazarus 40 Lazarus Chowder (1x) All
antidote 60 Lesser Antidote (1x) All
health 100 Medical (Health Regen) Brew (10x) All
mindwipe 300 Mindwipe Tonic (1x) All
mushroom 60 Mushroom Brew (1x) All
jerkyp 200 Prime Meat Jerky (10x) All
shadow 60 Shadow Steak Saute (1x) All
sweet 90 Sweet Vegetable Cake (3x) All
wmilk 200 Wyvern Milk (4x) All

Creatures[edit | edit source]

Cheap Creatures[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
nanky 200 Neutered Anky Aberrant [Lvl 150] All
ndoed 200 Neutered Doedicurus Aberrant [Lvl 150] All
nequus 200 Neutered Equus Aberrant [Lvl 150] All
notter 200 Neutered Otter Aberrant [Lvl 150] All
ntekpara 200 Neutered Tek Parasaur [Lvl 31] All
t1anky 300 T1 Ankylosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1bulb 200 T1 Bulbdog [Lvl 62] All
t1beaver 300 T1 Castoroides (Beaver) [Lvl 62] -AB
t1dodo 50 T1 Dodo Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1doed 300 T1 Doedicurus Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1enforce 300 T1 Enforcer [Lvl 62] All
t1equus 200 T1 Equus Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
T1 Giant Queen Bee [Lvl 5] All Missing creature
t1dolphin 300 T1 Ichthyosaurus (Dolphin) [Lvl 62] -AB/Ext/SE
t1jerboa 200 T1 Jerboa [Lvl 1] -AB
t1lystro 200 T1 Lystrosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1otter 300 T1 Otter Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1para 200 T1 Parasaur Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1ptera 300 T1 Pteranodon [Lvl 62] -AB
t1raptor 300 T1 Raptor Aberrant [Lvl 62] All
t1rava 300 T1 Ravager [Lvl 62] All
t1roll 300 T1 Roll Rat [Lvl 62] All

The following are not documented on Discord:

ID Cost Description Map
t2angler 500 T1 Angler Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2aran 500 T1 Araneo Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2argent 500 T1 Argent [Lvl 125] -AB
t2arthro 500 T1 Arthropleura Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2bary 500 T1 Baryonyx Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2frog 500 T1 Beelzebufo Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2giganto 500 T1 Gigantopithecus Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2mosc 400 T1 Moschops Aberrant [Lvl 125] All
t2rava 400 T1 Ravager [Lvl 125] All
t2shine 500 T1 Shinehorn [Lvl 125] All
t2stego 500 T1 Stego Aberrant [Lvl 125] All

Max Level[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
t3snail 1000 T3 Achatina (Snail) Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3allo 2000 T3 Allosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3angler 1500 T3 Anglerfish Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3anky 2000 T3 Ankylosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3aran 1000 T3 Araneo Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3argent 1500 T3 Argentavis [Lvl 224] -AB
t3arthro 1000 T3 Arthropluera Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3bary 1500 T3 Baryonyx Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3basili 2400 T3 Basilisk [Lvl 224] All
t3basilo 2000 T3 Basilosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3frog 1000 T3 Beelzebufo (Frog) Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3bronto 1500 T3 Brontosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3bulb 1000 T3 Bulbdog [Lvl 224] All
t3carbo 1000 T3 Carbonemys Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3carno 1000 T3 Carnotaurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3beaver 1500 T3 Castoroides (Beaver) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3chali 1500 T3 Chalicotherium [Lvl 224] -AB
t3compy 1000 T3 Compsognathus (Compy) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3daeod 2000 T3 Daeodon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3dilo 1000 T3 Dilophosaur [Lvl 224] -AB
t3dime 1000 T3 Dimetrodon Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3dimo 1000 T3 Dimorphodon Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3diploc 1000 T3 Diplocaulus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3diplod 1500 T3 Diplodocus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3dbear 1500 T3 Direbear Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
T3 Direwolf [Lvl 224] -AB Missing creature
t3dodo 200 T3 Dodo Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3doed 2000 T3 Doedicurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3dung 1000 T3 Dung Beetle Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3dunk 2000 T3 Dunkleosteus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3eel 1000 T3 Electrophorus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3equus 1500 T3 Equus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3feather 1000 T3 Featherlight [Lvl 224] All
t3wyvfire 2400 T3 Fire Wyvern [Lvl 190] -AB
t3galli 1000 T3 Gallimimus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3giga 3000 T3 Giganotosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3giganto 1500 T3 Gigantopithecus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3glowtail 1000 T3 Glowtail [Lvl 224] All
t3griff 2000 T3 Griffin [Lvl 224] -AB
t3hesp 1000 T3 Hespirornis [Lvl 224] -AB
t3hyaeno 1500 T3 Hyaenodon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3wyvice 2400 T3 Ice Wyvern [Lvl 190] -AB
t3gull 1000 T3 Ichthyornis (Gull) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3dolphin 1000 T3 Ichthyosaurus (Dolphin) [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3iguan 1500 T3 Iguanodon Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3kairu 1000 T3 Kairuku [Lvl 224] -AB
t3kapro 1500 T3 Kaprosuchus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3kark 2400 T3 Karkinos [Lvl 224] All
t3kentro 1500 T3 Kentrosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3wyvlightning 2400 T3 Lightning Wyvern [Lvl 190] -AB
t3moth 1000 T3 Lymantria [Lvl 224] -AB
t3lyst 1000 T3 Lystrosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3mammoth 1500 T3 Mammoth [Lvl 224] -AB
t3manta 1500 T3 Manta Aberrant [Lvl 224] -EXT/SE
t3mantis 2000 T3 Mantis [Lvl 224] -AB
t3megalan 1500 T3 Megalania [Lvl 224] -AB
t3stag 1000 T3 Megaloceros (Stag) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3megalod 1500 T3 Megalodon (Shark) [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3megalos 2000 T3 Megalosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3sloth 1500 T3 Megatherium (Sloth) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3monkey 1000 T3 Mesopithecus (Monkey) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3micro 1000 T3 Microraptor [Lvl 224] -AB
t3camel 1000 T3 Morellatops (Camel) [Lvl 224] -AB
t3mosa 2400 T3 Mosasaurus [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3mosc 1000 T3 Moschops Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3otter 1000 T3 Otter Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3ovi 1000 T3 Oviraptor [Lvl 224] -AB
t3sheep 1000 T3 Ovis (Sheep) Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3pachy 1000 T3 Pachy [Lvl 224] -AB
t3pachyrhi 1000 T3 Pachyrhinosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3racer 1500 T3 Paraceratherium Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3paras 1000 T3 Parasaur [Lvl 224] All
t3pego 1000 T3 Pegomastax [Lvl 224] -AB
t3pela 1000 T3 Pelagornis [Lvl 224] -AB
t3phio 1000 T3 Phiomia [Lvl 224] -AB
t3plesi 2000 T3 Plesiosaur [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3wyvpoison 2400 T3 Poison Wyvern [Lvl 190] -AB
t3roo 1000 T3 Procoptodon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3ptera 1000 T3 Pteranodon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3scorp 1000 T3 Pulmonoscorpius Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3purlo 1500 T3 Purlovia Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3quetz 2000 T3 Quetzal [Lvl 224] -AB
t3raptor 1500 T3 Raptor Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3rava 1500 T3 Ravager [Lvl 224] All
t3rex 2000 T3 Rex [Lvl 224] -AB
t3rock 2400 T3 Rock Elemental [Lvl 224] -AB
t3roll 1500 T3 Roll Rat [Lvl 224] All
t3saber 1500 T3 Sabertooth [Lvl 224] -AB
t3sarco 1500 T3 Sarco Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3shine 1000 T3 Shinehorn [Lvl 224] All
t3spino 2000 T3 Spinosaur Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3stego 1500 T3 Stegosaurus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3tape 1500 T3 Tapejara [Lvl 224] -AB
t3tekquetz 2400 T3 Tek Quetzal [Lvl 269] -AB
t3tekrapt 2000 T3 Tek Raptor [Lvl 269] All
t3tekrex 2400 T3 Tek Rex [Lvl 269] -AB
t3tekstego 2000 T3 Tek Stegosaurus [Lvl 269] All
t3tektrike 2800 T3 Tek Trike [Lvl 269] All
t3terror 1000 T3 Terror Bird [Lvl 224] -AB
t3theri 2000 T3 Therizinosaur [Lvl 224] -AB
t3thorny 1500 T3 Thorny Dragon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3thyla 2000 T3 Thylacoleo [Lvl 224] -AB
t3snake 1000 T3 Titanoboa Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3trike 1500 T3 Triceratops Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3troo 1500 T3 Troodon [Lvl 224] -AB
t3tuso 2400 T3 Tusoteuthis [Lvl 224] -AB
t3vult 1000 T3 Vulture [Lvl 224] -AB
t3rhino 2000 T3 Woolly Rhino [Lvl 224] -AB
t3yuty 2000 T3 Yutyrannus [Lvl 224] -AB

DLC: Aberration[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop.

ID Cost Description Map
t3reaper 3000 T3 Reaper King [Lvl 224] All
t3rdrake 2400 T3 Rock Drake [Lvl 190] All

DLC: Crystal Isles[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop.

ID Cost Description Map
t3bloodwyv 2800 T3 Blood Wyvern [Lvl 225] -AB
t3emberwyv 2800 T3 Ember Wyvern [Lvl 225] -AB
T3 Tropeognathus [Lvl 224] -AB
t3tropwyv 2800 T3 Tropical Wyvern [Lvl 225] -AB

DLC: Extinction[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop.

ID Cost Description Map
T3 Enforcer [Lvl 224] All Missing creature
t3gacha T3 Gacha [Lvl 224] All Missing creature
t3gasbag 1500 T3 Gasbag [Lvl 224] -AB Incorrect availability (All)
t3mana 2400 T3 Managarmr [Lvl 224] -AB Incorrect availability (All)
T3 Scout [Lvl 224] All Missing creature
t3owl 2000 T3 Snow Owl [Lvl 224] -AB
t3velo 2000 T3 Velonasaur [Lvl 224] -AB Incorrect availability (All)

DLC: Genesis[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop. X-Creatures can also be obtained with an S+ Mutator pulse.

ID Cost Description Map
t3astro 5000 T3 Astrocetus [Lvl 224] All
t3stalker 3500 T3 Blood Stalker [Lvl 224] All
t3ferox 1500 T3 Ferox [Lvl 224] All
t3magma 3000 T3 Magmasaur [Lvl 150] All
t3chelon 3500 T3 Megachelon [Lvl 224] All
t3xallo 1000 T3 X-Allo [Lvl 224] All
t3xanky 1000 T3 X-Ankylo [Lvl 224] All
t3xargent 1000 T3 X-Argentavis [Lvl 224] All
t3xbasilo 1200 T3 X-Basilosaurus [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3xdolph 1200 T3 X-Dolphin [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3xdunk 3500 T3 X-Dunkleosteus [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3xmega 1400 T3 X-Megalodon [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3xmosa 3500 T3 X-Mosa [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
t3xoter 900 T3 X-Otter [Lvl 224] All
t3xracer 2500 T3 X-Paracer [Lvl 224] All
t3xpara 1000 T3 X-Parasaur [Lvl 224] All
t3xraptor 1200 T3 X-Raptor [Lvl 224] All
t3xrex 4000 T3 X-Rex [Lvl 224] All
t3xrhino 3200 T3 X-Rhino [Lvl 224] All
t3xgolem 4000 T3 X-Rock Golem [Lvl 224] All
t3xsaber 2000 T3 X-Sabertooth [Lvl 224] All
t3xspino 2800 T3 X-Spino [Lvl 224] All
t3xtape 2000 T3 X-Tapejara [Lvl 224] -AB
t3xtrike 1800 T3 X-Triceratops [Lvl 224] All
t3xyuty 3200 T3 X-Yutyrannus [Lvl 224] All

DLC: Scorched Earth[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop.

ID Cost Description Map
t3phoenix 2400 T3 Phoenix [Lvl 224] -AB

DLC: Valgeuro[edit | edit source]

The only way to obtain these creatures is with the DLC, from other players or the coin shop.

ID Cost Description Map
t3deino 2800 T3 Deinonychus [Lvl 150] All

Mod: ARK Additions (Only On Evolved Cluster)[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
t3abcon 3200 T3 Aberrant Concavenator [Lvl 224] All
t3acro 3200 T3 Acrocanthosaurus [Lvl 224] All Missing on Discord
t3arch 3200 T3 Archelon [Lvl 224] All
t3conc 3200 T3 Concavenator [Lvl 224] All
t3cryo 3200 T3 Cryololophosaurus [224] All
t3abcroc 3200 T3 Deinosuchus Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
t3scacro 3200 T3 Scorched Acrocanthosaurus [Lvl 224] All
t3xacro 3200 T3 X-Acrocanthosaurus [Lvl 224] All
t3xcon 3200 T3 X-Concavenator [Lvl 224] All
t3xiph 3200 T3 Xiphactinus [Lvl 224] All

Mod: Better Dinos[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
T3 Coelacanth Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
T3 Cnidaria Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
T3 Eurypterid [Lvl 224] -AB
T3 Lamprey [Lvl 224] All
T3 Leech [Lvl 224] ???
T3 Liopleurodon [Lvl 224] -AB/EXT/SE
T3 Meganeura [Lvl 224] -AB
T3 Piranha Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
T3 Salmon Aberrant [Lvl 224] All
T3 Stygilomoch [Lvl 224] All
T3 Styracosaurus [Lvl 224] All
t3tekanky 3000 T3 Tek Ankylosaurus [Lvl 269] All
t3tekgiga 5000 T3 Tek Giganotosaurus [Lvl 269] All
t3tekgriff 3200 T3 Tek Griffin [Lvl 269] All
t3tekmosa 3200 T3 Tek Mosa [Lvl 269] All
T3 Trilobite [Lvl 224] All

The Brachiosaurus, Reindeer and Domination Rex are not enabled on this cluster.

Emotes[edit | edit source]

All information is missing on Discord - I may have missed some (I had to trawl through the /shop to find them).

ID Cost Description Map
ebelly 300 Belly Rub Emote All
ecoma 300 Food Coma Emote All
edance 300 Dance Emote All
eevil 300 Evil Emote All
eflex1 300 Bicep Smooch Emote All
eflex2 300 Archer Flex Emote All
eheart 300 Heart Emote All
ehungry 300 Hungry Emote All
eflirt 20 Flirt Emote All
epanic 300 Panic Emote All
esnowball 300 Snowball Emote All
eturkey 300 Turkey Emote All
ezombie 300 Zombie Emote All

Seeds[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
citro 150 Citronal Seed (3x) All Information missing on Discord
long 150 Longgrass Seed (3x) All Information missing on Discord
rock 150 Rockarrot Seed (3x) All Information missing on Discord
savo 150 Savoroot Seed (3x) All Information missing on Discord
xseed 60 Plant Species X Seed (3x) All
yseed 240 Plant Species Y Seed (3x) All
zseed 300 Plant Species Z Seed (3x) All
refert 100 Re-fertilizer (10x) All

Resources[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
absorb 150 Absorbent Substrate (25x) All
amber 200 Ambergris (x5) All
abile 100 Ammonite Bile (25x) All
agel 100 Angler Gel (25x) All
blackpearl 100 Black pearl (x25) All
gemblue 150 Blue Gems (50x) All
cpaste 200 Cementing Paste (100x) All
charcoal 100 Charcoal (100x) All
chitin 100 Chitin (200x) All
clay 200 Clay (100x) All
gasball 200 Congealed Gas Ball (50x) All
crystal 100 Crystal (100x) All
deathhorn 100 Deathworm Horn (1x) All
eshard 100 Element Shards (100x) All
fert 100 Fertilizer (50x) All
fiber 40 Fiber (200x) All
flint 60 Flint (200x) All
fwood 60 Fungal Wood (200x) All
gas 100 Gasoline (25x) All
gemgreen 100 Green Gem (50x) All
gunpowder 100 Gunpowder (50x) All
hide 100 Hide (200x) All
hair 100 Human Hair (25x) All
keratin 50 Keratin (50x) All
ingot 100 Metal Ingots (50x) All
metal 100 Metal Raw Ore (100x) All
venom 100 Nameless Venom x5 All
narc 100 Narcotic (50x) All
obsidian 100 Obsidian (50x) All
oil 100 Oil (50x) All
pelt 100 Pelt (50x) All
poly 150 Polymer (50x) All
propel 100 Propellant (25x) All
rareflower 100 Rare Flower (25x) All
raremush 100 Rare Mushroom (25x) All
salt 100 Raw Salt (200x) All
gemred 200 Red Gem (50x) All
sap 100 Sap (50x) All
silica 100 Silica Pearls (50x) All
silk 100 Silk (50x) All
sparkpowder 200 Sparkpowder (100x) All
stim 100 Stimulant (25x) All
stone 60 Stone (200x) All
sulfur 100 Sulfur (50x) All
thatch 40 Thatch (200x) All
wood 60 Wood (200x) All
rhinohorn 100 Woolly Rhino Horn (2x) All

Saddles[edit | edit source]

Primitive[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
sallo 300 Allosaurus Saddle All
sanky 200 Ankylo Saddle All
saran 200 Araneo (Spider) Saddle All
sargent 300 Argentavis Saddle All
sarthro 200 Arthropluera Saddle All
sastro 1000 Astrocetus Saddle All
sbary 200 Baryonyx Saddle All
sbasili 400 Basilisk Saddle All
sbasilo 300 Basilosaurus Saddle All
sfrog 200 Beelzebufo (Frog) Saddle All
sbrontoplat 600 Bronto Platform Saddle All
sbronto 300 Bronto Saddle All
scarb 100 Carbonemys Saddle All
scarno 200 Carno Saddle All
sbeaver 300 Castoroides (Beaver) Saddle All
schali 200 Chalicotherium Saddle All
sdaeod 200 Daeodon Saddle All
sdeino 200 Deinonychus Saddle All
sdiplo 200 Diplodocus Saddle All
sdbear 200 Dire Bear Saddle All
sdoed 200 Doedicurus Saddle All
sdunk 200 Dunkleosteus Saddle All
sequus 100 Equus Saddle All
sgalli 200 Gallimimus Saddle All
sgasbag 300 Gasbags Saddle All
sgiga 400 Giganotosaurus Saddle All
shyaeno 100 Hyaenodon Meatpack Saddle All
sdolphin 100 Ichthyosaurus (Dolphin) Saddle All
siguan 200 Iguanodon Saddle All
skapro 200 Kaprosuchus Saddle All
skark 300 Karkinos Saddle All
smoth 100 Lymantria (Moth) Saddle All
smagma 800 Magmasaur Saddle All
smammoth 200 Mammoth Saddle All
smana 300 Managarmr Saddle All
smanta 200 Manta Saddle All
smantis 200 Mantis Saddle All
smegach 800 Megachelon Saddle All
smegalan 200 Megalania Saddle All
sstag 200 Megaloceros (Stag) Saddle All
smegalod 200 Megalodon (Shark) Saddle All
smegalos 200 Megalosaurus Saddle All
ssloth 200 Megatherium (Sloth) Saddle All
scamel 100 Morellatops (Camel) Saddle All
smosaplat 600 Mosasaur Platform Saddle All
smosa 300 Mosasaur Saddle All
spachy 100 Pachy Saddle All
spachyrhino 200 Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle All
sracerplat 800 Paracer Platform Saddle All
sracer 200 Paracer Saddle All
sparas 100 Parasaur Saddle All
spela 200 Pelagornis Saddle All
sphio 100 Phiomia Saddle All
splesiplat 600 Plesiosaur Platform Saddle All
splesi 300 Plesiosaur Saddle All
sroo 100 Procoptodon Saddle All
sptera 200 Pteranodon Saddle All
sscorp 100 Pulmonoscorpius Saddle All
squetzplat 800 Quetz Platform Saddle All
squetz 300 Quetz Saddle All
sraptor 100 Raptor Saddle All
srava 200 Ravager Saddle All
srex 300 Rex Saddle All
srdrake 300 Rock Drake Saddle All
sgolem 400 Rock Golem Saddle All
sroll 200 Roll Rat Saddle All
ssaber 200 Sabertooth Saddle All
ssarco 200 Sarco Saddle All
sowl 300 Snow Owl Saddle All
sspino 300 Spino Saddle All
sstego 200 Stego Saddle All
stape 200 Tapejara Saddle All
sterror 200 Terror Bird Saddle All
stheri 300 Therizinosaurus Saddle All
sthorny 200 Thorny Dragon Saddle All
sthyla 200 Thylacoleo Saddle All
strike 100 Trike Saddle All
stuso 400 Tusoteuthis Saddle All
svelo 200 Velonasaur Saddle All
srhino 200 Woolly Rhino Saddle All
syuty 400 Yutyrannus Saddle All

High Quality[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
sallo+ 1600 High Quality Allosaurus Saddle All
sanky+ 1600 High Quality Ankylo Saddle All
saran+ 1000 High Quality Araneo Saddle All
sargent+ 1200 High Quality Argentavis Saddle All
sarthro+ 1000 High Quality Arthropluera Saddle All
sbary+ 1200 High Quality Baryonyx Saddle All
sbasili+ 1600 High Quality Basilisk Saddle All
sbasilo+ 1400 High Quality Basilosaurus Saddle All
sfrog+ 1000 High Quality Beelzebufo (Frog) Saddle All
sbrontoplat+ 1800 High Quality Bronto Platform Saddle All
sbronto+ 1600 High Quality Bronto Saddle All
scarb+ 1000 High Quality Carbonemys Saddle All
scarno+ 1000 High Quality Carno Saddle All
sbeaver+ 1200 High Quality Castoroides (Beaver) Saddle All
schali+ 1200 High Quality Chalicotherium Saddle All
sdaeod+ 1400 High Quality Daeodon Saddle All
sdeino+ 1000 High Quality Deinonychus Saddle All
sdiplo+ 1200 High Quality Diplodocus Saddle All
sdbear+ 1200 High Quality Dire Bear Saddle All
sdoed+ 1400 High Quality Doedicurus Saddle All
sdunk+ 1400 High Quality Dunkleosteus Saddle All
sequus+ 1200 High Quality Equus Saddle All
sgalli+ 1000 High Quality Gallimimus Saddle All
sgasbag+ 1600 High Quality Gasbags Saddle All
sgiga+ 1800 High Quality Giganotosaurus Saddle All
shyaeno+ 1200 High Quality Hyaenodon Meatpack Saddle All
sdolphin+ 1000 High Quality Ichthyosaurus Saddle All
siguan+ 1200 High Quality Iguanodon Saddle All
skapro+ 1200 High Quality Kaprosuchus Saddle All
skark+ 1600 High Quality Karkinos Saddle All
smoth+ 1000 High Quality Lymantria Saddle All
smammoth+ 1200 High Quality Mammoth Saddle All
smana+ 1600 High Quality Managarmr Saddle All
smanta+ 1200 High Quality Manta Saddle All
smantis+ 1200 High Quality Mantis Saddle All
smegalan+ 1200 High Quality Megalania Saddle All
sstag+ 1000 High Quality Megaloceros (Stag) Saddle All
smegalod+ 1200 High Quality Megalodon Saddle All
smegalos+ 1400 High Quality Megalosaurus Saddle All
ssloth+ 1400 High Quality Megatherium (Sloth) Saddle All
scamel+ 1000 High Quality Morellatops (Camel) Saddle All
smosaplat+ 1800 High Quality Mosasaur Platform Saddle All
smosa+ 1600 High Quality Mosasaur Saddle All
spachy+ 1000 High Quality Pachy Saddle All
spachyrhino+ 1000 High Quality Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle All
sracerplat+ 1800 High Quality Paracer Platform Saddle All
sracer+ 1200 High Quality Paracer Saddle All
spara+ 1000 High Quality Parasaur Saddle All
spela+ 1200 High Quality Pelagornis Saddle All
sphio+ 1000 High Quality Phiomia Saddle All
splesiplat+ 1800 High Quality Plesiosaur Platform Saddle All
splesi+ 1400 High Quality Plesiosaur Saddle All
sroo+ 1200 High Quality Procoptodon (Kangaroo) Saddle All
sptera+ 1000 High Quality Pteranodon Saddle All
sscorp+ 1000 High Quality Pulmonoscorpius Saddle All
squetzplat+ 1800 High Quality Quetz Platform Saddle All
squetz+ 1400 High Quality Quetz Saddle All
sraptor+ 1200 High Quality Raptor Saddle All
srava+ 1200 High Quality Ravager Saddle All
srex+ 1400 High Quality Rex Saddle All
srdrake+ 1400 High Quality Rock Drake Saddle All
sgolem+ 1800 High Quality Rock Golem Saddle All
sroll+ 1200 High Quality Roll Rat Saddle All
ssaber+ 1000 High Quality Sabertooth Saddle All
ssarco+ 1000 High Quality Sarco Saddle All
sowl+ 1400 High Quality Snow Owl Saddle All
sspino+ 1200 High Quality Spino Saddle All
sstego+ 1400 High Quality Stego Saddle All
stape+ 1400 High Quality Tapejara Saddle All
sterror+ 1000 High Quality Terror Bird Saddle All
stheri+ 1200 High Quality Therizinosaurus Saddle All
sthorny+ 1000 High Quality Thorny Dragon Saddle All
sthyla+ 1200 High Quality Thylacoleo Saddle All
strike+ 1400 High Quality Trike Saddle All
stuso+ 1600 High Quality Tusoteuthis Saddle All
svelo+ 1200 High Quality Velonasaur Saddle All
srhino+ 1400 High Quality Woolly Rhino Saddle All
syuty+ 1400 High Quality Yutyrannus Saddle All

Skins[edit | edit source]

Achievements[edit | edit source]

These can be unlocked permanently by completing ARK achievements. Copies of some of these cosmetics can also be obtained with seasonal events.

ID Cost Description Map
skinpbdaypants 20 Birthday Suit Pants (1x) All
skinpbdayshirt 20 Birthday Suit Shirt (1x) All
skinbonebronto 100 Bronto Bone Costume (1x) All
skindbunnyear 60 Dino Bunny Ears (1x) All
skinhbunny 30 Hat Bunny Ears (1x) All
skinwcandy 20 Candy Cane Club (1x) All
skinbonecarno 100 Carno Bone Costume (1x) All
skinhchief 30 Chieftan Hat (1x) All
skinhclown 30 Clown Mask (1x) All
skinpcboots 20 Corrupted Boots (1x) All
skinpcchest 20 Corrupted Chestpiece (1x) All
skinpcgloves 20 Corrupted Gloves (1x) All
skinpchelm 20 Corrupted Helmet (1x) All
skinpcpants 20 Corrupted Pants (1x) All
skindglasses 60 Dino Glasses (1x) All
skindparty 60 Dino Party hat (1x) All
skindsanta 60 Dino Santa Hat (1x) All
skindwitch 60 Dino Witch Hat (1x) All
skinhdodorex 30 DodoRex Mask (1x) All
skinhdodowyv 30 DodoWyvern Mask (1x) All
skinbionicgiga 100 Giga Bionic Costume (1x) All
skinbonegiga 100 Giganotosaurus Bone Costume (1x) All
skinphdboots 20 HomoDeus Boots (1x) All
skinphdgloves 20 HomoDeus Gloves (1x) All
skinphdhelm 20 HomoDeus Helmet (1x) All
skinphdpants 20 HomoDeus Pants (1x) All
skinphdshirt 20 HomoDeus Shirt (1x) All
skinbonejerboa 100 Jerboa Bone Costume (1x) All
skindreindeer 60 Megaloceros Reindeer Costume (1x) All
skinhparty 30 Party Hat (1x) All
skindbunny 60 Procoptodon Bunny Costume (1x) All
skinbonequetz 100 Quetzalcoatlus Bone Costume (1x) All
skinboneraptor 100 Raptor Bone Costume (1x) All
skinbionicrex 100 Rex Bionic Costume (1x) All
skinbonerex 100 Rex Bone Costume (1x) All
skinhsanta 30 Santa Hat (1x) All
skinbonestego 100 Stego Bone Costume (1x) All
skinhtop 30 Top Hat (1x) All
skinbonetrike 100 Trike Bone Costume (1x) All
skinhvamp 30 Vampire Eyes (1x) All
skinhwere 30 Werewolf Mask (1x) All
skinhwitch 30 Witch Hat (1x) All
skinbonewyv 100 Wyvern Bone Costume (1x) All

Drops[edit | edit source]

This skins can be acquired in-game.

ID Cost Description Map
skinhcapt 30 Captains Hat (1x) All
skinhchili 30 Chili Helmet (1x) All
skinhcute 30 Cute Dino Helmet (1x) All
skinwfireflare 20 Fireworks Flaregun (1x) All
skinwfirerocket 20 Fireworks Rocket Launcher (1x) All
skinpmboots 20 Manticore Boots (1x) All
skinpmchest 20 Manticore Chestpiece (1x) All
skinpmgloves 20 Manticore Gauntlets (1x) All
skinpmhelm 20 Manticore Helmett (1x) All
skinpmlegs 20 Manticore Leggings (1x) All
skinpmshield 20 Manticore Shield (1x) All
skinpglasses 20 Nerdry Glasses (1x) All
skinhotter 30 Otter Mask (1x) All
skinpbonerex 20 Rex Bone Helmet (1x) All
skinhskull 30 Scary Skull Helmet (1x) All
skinwspike 20 Scorched Spike (1x) All
skinwsword 20 Scorched Sword (1x) All
skinwtorch 20 Scorched Torch (1x) All
skinwspark 20 Torch Sparkler (1x) All
skinpbonetrike 20 Trike Bone Helmet (1x) All
skinpwgloves 20 Wyvern Gloves (1x) All

Events[edit | edit source]

This skins are exclusively obtained during seasonal events.

ID Cost Description Map
skinpraptbottom 20 Alpha Raptor Swim Bottom (1x) All
skinprapttop 20 Alpha Raptor Swim Top (1x) All
skinfrisbee 20 Boomerang Flying Disc Skin All
skindbrachi 60 Brachiosaurus Costume (1x) All
skinbulbshirt 20 Bulbdog-Print Shirt Skin All
skinwchoco 20 Chocolate Rabbit Club (1x) All
skincrabbott 20 Crab Fest Swim Bottom Skin All
skincrabtop 20 Crab Fest Swim Top Skin All
skinhdilo 30 Dilo Mask (1x) All
skindchick 60 Dino Easter Chick Hat (1x) All
skindeaster 60 Dino Easter Egg Hat (1x) All
skindmallow 60 Dino Marshmallow Hat (1x) All
skindsam 60 Dino Uncle Sam Hat (1x) All
skinhchick 30 Easter Chick Hat (1x) All
skinheaster 30 Easter Egg Hat (1x) All
skinfishbott 20 Fish Bite Swim Bottom Skin All
skinfishtop 20 Fish Bite Swim Top Skin All
skinpfloralbottom 20 Floral Swim Bottom (1x) All
skinfloralbott 20 Floral Swim Bottom Skin All
skinpfloraltop 20 Floral Swim Top (1x) All
skinfloraltop 20 Floral Swim Top Skin All
skingasbag 20 Gasbags-Print Shirt Skin All
Basilisk Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Bulbdog Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Direwolf Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Mantis Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Reaper Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Rex Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
Snow Owl Ghost Costume (1x) All Missing item
skinpgbottom 20 Giga Poop Swim Bottom (1x) All
skinpgtop 20 Giga Poop Swim Top (1x) All
skingigpootop 20 Giga Poop Swim Top Skin All
skinichthybott 20 Ichthy Isles Swim Bottom Skin All
skinichthytop 20 Ichthy Isles Swim Top Skin All
skinhmallow 30 Marshmallow Hat (1x) All
skinseashirt 20 Sea Life-Print Shirt Skin All
skindstygi 60 Stygimoloch Costume (1x) All
skindstyra 60 Styracosaurus Costume (1x) All
skinprexbottom 20 T-Rex Swim Bottom (1x) All
skinprextop 20 T-Rex Swim Top (1x) All
skinhsam 30 Uncle Sam Hat (1x) All
dinoskinunclesam 20 Uncle Sam Hat Skin All
skinunclesam 20 Uncle Sam Hat Skin All
skincupidbow 20 Vday Bow & Arrow skin All
skinlovecuffs 20 Vday Fuzzy Cuffs All
skinhalo 20 Vday Halo All
skincupidskirt 20 Vday Skirt All
skincupidtop 20 Vday Top All
skinsoaker 20 Water Soaker Skin All

Purchases[edit | edit source]

This skins were unlocked permanently via store purchases

ID Cost Description Map
skindrav 60 Decorative Ravager Saddle (1x) All
skinhsafari 30 Safari Hat (1x) All
skindthorny 60 Thorny Dragon Vagabond Saddle (1x) All

Loot Drops[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
bcnabred 1400 Aberration Red Crate [Lvl 80] Ab only
bcnabwhite 1000 Aberration White Crate [Lvl 3] Ab only
bcnextred 680 Extinction Red Crate [Lvl 60] Extinction only
bcnred 600 Red Crate [Lvl 60] -AB/EXT/SE
bcnsered 620 Scorched Red Crate [Lvl 60] Scorched only
bcnsewhite 450 Scorched White Beacon [Lvl 3] Scorched only
bcnwhite 400 White Beacon [Lvl 3] -AB/EXT/SE

Structures[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
bed 90 Bed and Wood Foundation (1x) All
sleeping 60 Hide Sleeping Bag (1x) All
cliffm 500 Metal Cliff Platform (1x) All
oilpump 220 Oil Pump (1x) All
cliffs 240 Stone Cliff Platform(1x) All
transmitter 7500 Tek Transmitter (1x) All
sapt 140 TreeSap Tap (1x) All
raft 240 Wooden Raft (1x) All

Tools[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
camera 200 Camera (1x) All
crate 40 Delivery Crate (1x) All
flare 60 Flares (5x) All
glider 160 Glider Suit (1x) All
glow 60 Glow Stick (5x) All
gps 100 GPS (1x) All
chain+ 900 High Quality Chainsaw (1x) All
chute 60 Parachute (3x) All
pliers 60 Pliers (1x) All

Weapons[edit | edit source]

ID Cost Description Map
chain 240 Quality Chainsaw (1x) All
climb 220 Quality Climbing Pick (1x) All
torch 60 Quality Torch (1x) All
whip 100 Quality Whip (1x) All
spray 100 S+ Spraypainter (1x) All
scis 40 Scissors (1x) All
tax 150 Taxidermy Tool (1x) All
zip 80 Zip-Line Anchor (4x) All
hook 60 Grappling Hook (10x) All
hcuff 160 Hand Cuffs (1x) All
crossbow 200 Quality Crossbow (1x) All
lneck 240 Quality Longneck Rifle (x1) All
scope 100 Scope Attachment (1x) All
silencer 100 Silencer Attachment (1x) All
tarrow 90 Tranq Arrows (30x) All
tdarts 180 Tranq Darts (30x) All