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Please report missing items and they will be updated when applicable.

To view your current wallet, type:




All players earn coins every 30 minutes.

Prodigy Rank Amount
Default 30
Bronze VIP 45
Silver VIP 55
Gold VIP 65
Diamond VIP 80


You can send points to other players by typing the following command in the in-game chat:

  • The asterisk marks are required.
  • The target must be on the same map as you.

If you are aware that multiple people have the same name: consider connecting to a different map.


In game chat, type:


IDs can be found below.

Quantity will default to 1 if left unspecified.

Quantity refers to the number of purchases - so be wary when making a purchase that gives multiple items (e.g. /buy savo 3 will buy 3 amounts of Savoroot Seeds (x3) for a total of 9 seeds).

Quantity is ignored for creature purchases - you can only buy one at a time.

For example:

/buy basicbeetle
/buy tax

Starter Kits[]


These are the standard, recurring Extreme kits.

ID Cost Description Limit
gear 0 A set of tools, a spyglass, and a pair of pants. Everything the early adventurer needs. 1
starterdino 0 A level 224 vanilla Pteranodon with a primitive saddle equipped. 1
colors 0 Awards you with 3 dino color tokens. See this guide before using. 1


These kits are related to specific seasons of Extreme.

ID Cost Description Limit Season
tools 0 A set of Eternal Crystal tools + Awesome Spyglass. Replaces the standard 'gear' kit. 1 Eternal

Special Items[]

ID Cost Description
dinotoken 4000 Pick any/all color regions to permanently dye your dino. Color is breedable. Read the guide before buying
dinobrush 4000 Paint with a GUI with limited colors. This is the legacy paint system.
transkit 15000 S+ Transmitter Power Kit (includes transmitter, generator, and 30 element)
ds2kit 1500 Dino Storage v2 Starting Kit (includes a terminal, a soul gun, and 50 soul traps)
artifacts 5000 A set of one each of every artifact in the game, equalling 21 total artifacts.
KTHeadG 2000 Gamma King Titan Trophy
KTHeadB 4000 Beta King Titan Trophy
KTHeadA 6000 Alpha King Titan Trophy
CBNuzzo 300 Prodigy Mascot Chibi
MascotHelmet 60 Prodigy Mascot Helmet Skin
MascotWings 60 Prodigy Mascot Wings Skin
Shades 60 DealWithIt Pixel Shades Skin

Production Dinos[]

Note: All production dinos are level 5, since production does not care about the level of the tame.

ID Cost Description
basicachatina 250 A basic Achatina.
basicarcha 250 A basic Archaeopteryx.
basicbee 250 A basic Giant Queen Bee.
basicbeetle 250 A basic Dung Beetle.
basicbulbdog 250 A basic Bulbdog.
basicfeatherlight 250 A basic Featherlight.
basicglowtail 250 A basic Glowtail.
basichesperornis 250 A basic Hesperornis.
basicherboa 250 A basic Jerboa.
basiclystro 250 A basic Lystrosaurus.
basicmegachelon 1000 A basic Megachelon.
basicotter 250 A basic Otter.
basicoviraptor 250 A basic Oviraptor.
basicovis 250 A basic Ovis.
basicscorpion 250 A basic Pulmonoscorpius.
basicshinehorn 250 A basic Shinehorn.



ID Cost Description Map
chitinset 60 Chitin Suit Set (1x) All
desertset 200 Desert Armor Set (1x) All
flakset 200 Flak Suit Set (1x) All
furset 200 Fur Armor Set (1x) All
gasmask 200 Gas Mask (1x) All
ghillieset 200 Ghillie Suit Set (1x) All
hazardset 200 Hazard Suit Set (1x) All
leatherset 40 Leather Armor Set (1x) All
mshi 200 Metal Shield (1x) All
rshi 300 Riot Shield (1x) All
riotset 400 Riot Suit Set (1x) All
scubaset 200 Scuba Set (1x) All

High Quality Armor[]

ID Cost Description Map
chitinset+ 120 Quality Chitin Suit Set (1x) All
desertset+ 400 Quality Desert Armor Set (1x) All
flakset+ 400 Quality Flak Suit Set (1x) All
furset+ 400 Quality Fur Armor Set (1x) All
ghilieset+ 400 Quality Ghillie Suit Set (1x) All
hazardset+ 400 Quality Hazard Suit Set (1x) All
leatherset+ 80 Quality Leather Armor Set (1x) All
mshi+ 400 Quality Metal Shield (1x) All
rshi+ 600 Quality Riot Shield (1x) All
riotset+ 600 Quality Riot Suit Set (1x) All
scubaset+ 400 Quality Scuba Set (1x) All


ID Cost Description Map
camera 200 Camera (1x) All
crate 40 Delivery Crate (1x) All
flare 60 Flares (5x) All
glider 160 Glider Suit (1x) All
glow 60 Glow Stick (5x) All
gps 100 GPS (1x) All
chain+ 900 High Quality Chainsaw (1x) All
chute 60 Parachute (3x) All
pliers 60 Pliers (1x) All


ID Cost Description Map
chain 240 Quality Chainsaw (1x) All
climb 220 Quality Climbing Pick (1x) All
torch 60 Quality Torch (1x) All
whip 100 Quality Whip (1x) All
spray 100 S+ Spraypainter (1x) All
scis 40 Scissors (1x) All
tax 150 Taxidermy Tool (1x) All
zip 80 Zip-Line Anchor (4x) All
hook 60 Grappling Hook (10x) All
hcuff 160 Hand Cuffs (1x) All
crossbow 200 Quality Crossbow (1x) All
lneck 300 Quality Longneck Rifle (x1) All
scope 100 Scope Attachment (1x) All
silencer 100 Silencer Attachment (1x) All
tarrow 90 Tranq Arrows (30x) All
tdarts 180 Tranq Darts (30x) All


ID Cost Description Map
abmush 100 Aberration Mushroom Basket (5x each) All
veggieb 200 Vegetable Basket (5x each) All
colors 250 All Dyes (20x ea) All
battle 25 Battle Tartare (1x) All
broth 100 Broth of Enlightenment (1x) All
bug 25 Bug Repellant (1x) All
cact 25 Cactus Broth (1x) All
calien 25 Calien Soup (1x) All
jerkyc 100 Cooked Meat Jerky (20x) All
enduro 25 Enduro Stew (1x) All
energy 25 Energy Brew (10x) All
focal 50 Focal Chili (1x) All
fria 25 Fria Curry (1x) All
honey 150 Giant Bee Honey (25x) All
iced 100 Iced Canteen (1x) All
lazarus 25 Lazarus Chowder (1x) All
antidote 25 Lesser Antidote (1x) All
health 50 Medical (Health Regen) Brew (10x) All
mindwipe 200 Mindwipe Tonic (1x) All
mushroom 25 Mushroom Brew (1x) All
jerkyp 100 Prime Meat Jerky (20x) All
shadow 25 Shadow Steak Saute (1x) All
sweet 150 Sweet Vegetable Cake (5x) All
wmilk 200 Wyvern Milk (5x) All
refert 100 Re-fertilizer (20x) All


ID Cost Description Map
citro 150 Citronal Seed (5x) All
long 150 Longgrass Seed (5x) All
rock 150 Rockarrot Seed (5x) All
savo 150 Savoroot Seed (5x) All
rseed1 300 Plant Species R-1 Seed (5x) (Raw Meat) All
rseed2 300 Plant Species R-2 Seed (5x) (Raw Fish) All
rseed3 300 Plant Species R-3 Seed (5x) (Spoiled Meat) All
rseed4 300 Plant Species R-4 Seed (5x) (Prime Meat) All
rseed5 300 Plant Species R-5 Seed (5x) (Prime Fish) All
xseed 60 Plant Species X Seed (5x) All
yseed 240 Plant Species Y Seed (5x) All
zseed 300 Plant Species Z Seed (5x) All


ID Cost Description Map
absorb 150 Absorbent Substrate (50x) All
amber 200 Ambergris (x10) All
abile 100 Ammonite Bile (50x) All
agel 100 Angler Gel (50x) All
blackpearl 100 Black pearl (x50) All
gemblue 150 Blue Gems (100x) All
cpaste 200 Cementing Paste (200x) All
charcoal 100 Charcoal (200x) All
chitin 100 Chitin (400x) All
clay 200 Clay (100x) All
gasball 200 Congealed Gas Ball (100x) All
crystal 100 Crystal (200x) All
deathhorn 100 Deathworm Horn (3x) All
fert 100 Fertilizer (50x) All
fiber 50 Fiber (400x) All
flint 50 Flint (400x) All
fwood 50 Fungal Wood (400x) All
gas 100 Gasoline (50x) All
gemgreen 100 Green Gem (100x) All
gunpowder 100 Gunpowder (100x) All
hide 50 Hide (200x) All
hair 100 Human Hair (50x) All
keratin 100 Keratin (400x) All
ingot 100 Metal Ingots (100x) All
metal 100 Metal Raw Ore (200x) All
venom 100 Nameless Venom x10 All
narc 100 Narcotic (100x) All
obsidian 100 Obsidian (100x) All
oil 100 Oil (200x) All
pelt 100 Pelt (100x) All
poly 150 Polymer (100x) All
propel 100 Propellant (50x) All
rareflower 100 Rare Flower (50x) All
raremush 100 Rare Mushroom (50x) All
salt 100 Raw Salt (400x) All
gemred 200 Red Gem (100x) All
sap 100 Sap (200x) All
silica 100 Silica Pearls (200x) All
silk 100 Silk (200x) All
sparkpowder 200 Sparkpowder (200x) All
stim 100 Stimulant (100x) All
stone 60 Stone (400x) All
sulfur 100 Sulfur (100x) All
thatch 40 Thatch (400x) All
wood 60 Wood (400x) All
rhinohorn 100 Woolly Rhino Horn (5x) All

Boss Packages[]

ID Map Cost Description
BPBrood Island 2000 Alpha BroodMother Pack
BPMega Island 2500 Alpha Megapithecus Pack
BPIsland Island 3000 Alpha Island Dragon Pack
BPOverseer Island 5000 Alpha Overseer Pack
BPManticore Scorched Earth 2500 Alpha Manticore Pack
BPRockwell Aberration 4000 Alpha Rockwell Pack
BPIce Extinction 1000 Desert Titan Pack
BPDesert Extinction 1000 Desert Titan Pack
BPForest Extinction 1000 Forest Titan Pack
BPKing Extinction 10000 Alpha King Titan Pack
BPCenter The Center 3000 Alpha The Center Pack
BPRagnarok Ragnarok 3000 Alpha Ragnarok Pack
BPValguero Valguero 4000 Alpha Valguero Pack
BPCrystal Crystal Isles 2000 Alpha Crystal Isles Pack


ID Cost Description Map
bed 100 S+ Bed and Wood Foundation (1x) All
sleeping 100 Hide Sleeping Bag (3x) All
cliffm 500 S+ Metal Cliff Platform (1x) All
oilpump 250 Oil Pump (1x) All
cliffs 240 S+ Stone Cliff Platform(1x) All
sapt 150 S+ TreeSap Tap (1x) All
raft 250 Wooden Raft (1x) All


Item Code Cost
  Chibi-Crystal WyvernCBCrystal300
  Chibi-Deal With It DodoCBDeal300
  Chibi-Easter ChickCBChick300
  Chibi-Ferox (Large)CBBigFerox300
  Chibi-Ferox (Small)CBFerox300
  Chibi-Gacha ClausCBClaus300
  White-Collar KairukuCBWhitecollar300
  Chibi-Bonnet OtterCBBonnet300
  Chibi-Straw Hat OtterCBStrawOtter300
  Pair-o-Saurs ChibiCBPairosaurs300
  Chibi Party RexCBPartyRex300
  Chibi-Rock DrakeCBDrake300
  Chibi-Rock GolemCBGolem300
  Chibi-Skeletal BrontosaurusCSkeleBronto300
  Chibi-Skeletal CarnoCSkeleCarno300
  Chibi-Skeletal GiganotosaurusCSkeleGiga300
  Chibi-Skeletal JerboaCSkeleJerboa300
  Chibi-Skeletal QuetzalCSkeleQuetzal300
  Chibi-Skeletal RaptorCSkeleRaptor300
  Chibi-Skeletal RexCSkeleRex300
  Chibi-Skeletal StegoCSkeleStego300
  Chibi-Skeletal TrikeCSkeleTrike300
  Chibi-Skeletal WyvernCSkeleWyvern300
  Chibi-Snow OwlCBOwl300
  Teeny Tiny TitanoCBTitanosaur300
  Chibi-Terror BirdCBTerror300
  Chibi-Thorny DragonCBThorny300
  Chibi-Zombie WyvernCBZomWyv300


ID Cost Description Map
ebelly 300 Belly Rub Emote All
ecoma 300 Food Coma Emote All
edance 300 Dance Emote All
eevil 300 Evil Emote All
eflex1 300 Bicep Smooch Emote All
eflex2 300 Archer Flex Emote All
eheart 300 Heart Emote All
ehungry 300 Hungry Emote All
eflirt 20 Flirt Emote All
epanic 300 Panic Emote All
esnowball 300 Snowball Emote All
eturkey 300 Turkey Emote All
ezombie 300 Zombie Emote All


Item Code Cost Slot Group Permanent Unlock Lootable
  Captain's Hat SkinCaptainsHat20HeadpieceAlpha Leedsichthys
  Corrupted Boots SkinCorruptedBoots20BootsExplorer Notes: ??? 4-6
  Corrupted Chestpiece SkinCorruptedShirt20ChestpieceExplorer Notes: ??? 10-12
  Corrupted Gloves SkinCorruptedGloves20GlovesExplorer Notes: ??? 13-15
  Corrupted Helmet SkinCorruptedHelmet20HeadpieceExplorer Notes: ??? 1-3
  Corrupted Pants SkinCorruptedPants20LegpieceExplorer Notes: ??? 7-9
  Dino Glasses SkinDinoSpecs60SaddleAchievement: Maximum Dinosaur
  Dino Party Hat SkinDinoPartyHat60SaddleAchievement: Veteran Paleontologist
  Giga Bionic CostumeBionicGiga100Costume (Giganotosaurus)Achievement: Survivor of the Center
  Hunter Hat SkinHunterHat20HeadpieceAchievement: Map Maker
  Nerdry Glasses SkinNerdGlasses20HeadpieceDilo, Oviraptor or Troodon
  Parasaur Stylish Saddle SkinStylishSaddle60Saddle (Parasaur only)Achievement: Your First Ride...
  Party Hat SkinPartyHat20HeadpieceAchievement: Highest Peak
  Rex Bone HelmetBoneHelmet20HeadpieceAlpha Raptor, Alpha Carno
  Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle SkinStompedGlasses60SaddleAchievement: Master Zoologist
  Top Hat SkinTopHat20HeadpieceAchievement: Survivor Evolved
  Torch Sparkler SkinTorchSparkler20EquipmentAchievement: Your First Day...
  Trike Bone Helmet SkinTrikeSkull20HeadpieceAlpha Rex
  Mosasaurus Bionic CostumeBionicMosa100Costume (Mosasaur)PromotionalNo longer available
  Parasaur Bionic CostumeBionicParasaur100Costume (Parasaur)PromotionalNo longer available
  Quetzal Bionic CostumeBionicQuetzal100Costume (Quetzal)PromotionalNo longer available
  Animated Raptor CostumeAnimeRaptor100Costume (Raptor)PromotionalNo longer available
  Raptor Bionic CostumeBionicRaptor100Costume (Raptor)PromotionalNo longer available
  Santiago's Axe SkinSantiagoAxe20EquipmentPromotionalNo longer available
  Santiago's Spear SkinSantiagoSpear20EquipmentPromotionalNo longer available
  Stegosaurus Bionic CostumeBionicStego100Costume (Stego)PromotionalNo longer available
  Triceratops Bionic CostumeBionicTrike100Costume (Trike)PromotionalNo longer available
  Manticore Boots SkinManticoreBoots20BootsScorched EarthManticore (Gamma+)
  Manticore Chestpiece SkinManticoreShirt20ChestpieceScorched EarthManticore (Beta+)
  Manticore Gauntlets SkinManticoreGloves20GlovesScorched EarthManticore (Beta+)
  Manticore Helmet SkinManticoreHelmet20HeadpieceScorched EarthAlpha Deathworm / Iceworm Queen
  Manticore Leggings SkinManticorePants20LegpieceScorched EarthManticore (Alpha)
  Manticore Shield SkinManticoreShield20EquipmentScorched EarthManticore (Gamma+)
  Safari Hat SkinSafariHat20HeadpieceScorched EarthOwn: Scorched Earth DLC
  Scorched Spike SkinScorchedSpear20EquipmentScorched EarthArtifact of the Gatekeeper
  Scorched Sword SkinScorchedSword20EquipmentScorched EarthArtifact of the Destroyer
  Scorched Torch SkinScorchedTorch20EquipmentScorched EarthArtifact of the Crag
  Thorny Dragon Vagabond Saddle SkinVagabondSaddle60Saddle (Thorny Dragon only)Scorched EarthOwn: Scorched Earth DLC
  Wyvern Gloves SkinWyvernGloves20GlovesScorched EarthAlpha Wyvern
  Aberrant Helmet SkinAberrationHelmet20HeadpieceAberrationNo longer available
  Aberrant Sword SkinAberrationSword20EquipmentAberrationNo longer available
  Bulbdog Mask SkinPugMask20HeadpieceAberrationNo longer available
  Chili Helmet SkinChiliHelmet60HeadpieceAberrationRockwell (Aberration)
  Cute Dino Helmet SkinCuteHelmet60HeadpieceAberrationRockwell (Aberration)
  Decorative Ravager Saddle SkinDecorativeSaddle60Saddle (Ravager only)AberrationOwn: Aberration DLC
  Otter Mask SkinOtterMask60HeadpieceAberrationRockwell (Aberration)
  Reaper Helmet SkinReaperHelmet20HeadpieceAberrationNo longer available
  Scary Skull Helmet SkinScarySkull60HeadpieceAberrationRockwell (Aberration)
  HomoDeus Boots SkinHomoDeusBoots200BootsExtinctionKill: Alpha King Titan
  HomoDeus Gloves SkinHomoDeusGloves200GlovesExtinctionKill: Alpha King Titan
  HomoDeus Helmet SkinHomoDeusHelmet200HeadpieceExtinctionKill: Alpha King Titan
  HomoDeus Pants SkinHomoDeusPants200LegpieceExtinctionKill: Alpha King Titan
  HomoDeus Shirt SkinHomoDeusShirt200ChestpieceExtinctionKill: Alpha King Titan
  Corrupted Avatar Boots SkinVRBoots20BootsGenesisExplorer Notes: HLN-A Discovery 6-10
  Corrupted Avatar Gloves SkinVRGloves20GlovesGenesisExplorer Notes: HLN-A Discovery 11-15
  Corrupted Avatar Helmet SkinVRHelmet20HeadpieceGenesisExplorer Notes: HLN-A Discovery 1-5
  Corrupted Avatar Pants SkinVRPants20LegpieceGenesisExplorer Notes: HLN-A Discovery 6-10
  Corrupted Avatar Shirt SkinVRChest20ChestpieceGenesisExplorer Notes: HLN-A Discovery 11-15
  Master Controller Helmet SkinMasterControllerHelmet60HeadpieceGenesisMaster Controller (Gamma+)
  Exo Boots SkinExoBoots20Boots (Tek only)GenesisExplorer Notes: Genesis Chronicles 1-5
  Exo Helmet SkinExoHelmet20Headpiece (Tek only)GenesisExplorer Notes: Genesis Chronicles 11-15
  Exo Chestpiece SkinExoShirt20Chestpiece (Tek only)GenesisExplorer Notes: Genesis Chronicles 21-25
  Exo Gloves SkinExoGloves20Gloves (Tek only)GenesisExplorer Notes: Genesis Chronicles 16-20
  Exo Leggings SkinExoLeggings20Legpiece (Tek only)GenesisExplorer Notes: Genesis Chronicles 6-10
  Modern Canoe CostumeModernCanoe100Costume (Canoe)GenesisTeam Downriver Run (Gamma)
  Mutated Survivor CostumeMutatedSurvivor1000Chestpiece (Full override)GenesisKill: Rockwell Prime (Alpha)
  Poglin Mask SkinPoglinMask20HeadpieceGenesisOwn: Genesis Season Pass
  Tek Canoe CostumeTekCanoe1000Costume (Canoe)GenesisTeam Downriver Run (Alpha)
  Viking Canoe CostumeVikingCanoe500Costume (Canoe)GenesisTeam Downriver Run (Beta)
  Birthday Suit Pants SkinBirthdayPants20LegpieceArk AnniversaryAchievement: Maximum Survivor
  Birthday Suit Shirt SkinBirthdayShirt20ChestpieceArk AnniversaryAchievement: Maximum Survivor
  Brachiosaurus CostumeBrachioCostume100Costume (Bronto)ARKaeology
  Bronto Bone CostumeSkeletalBronto100Costume (Bronto)ARKaeology
  Carno Bone CostumeSkeletalCarno100Costume (Carno)ARKaeology
  Dilo Mask SkinDiloMask20HeadpieceARKaeology
  Giganotosaurus Bone CostumeSkeletalGiga100Costume (Giganotosaurus)ARKaeology
  Jerboa Bone CostumeSkeletalJerboa100Costume (Jerboa)ARKaeology
  Quetzalcoatlus Bone CostumeSkeletalQuetz100Costume (Quetzal)ARKaeology
  Raptor Bone CostumeSkeletalRaptor100Costume (Raptor)ARKaeology
  Rex Bionic CostumeBionicRex100Costume (Rex)ARKaeologyAchievement: Alpha Ascension
  Rex Bone CostumeSkeletalRex100Costume (Rex)ARKaeologyAchievement: Master Explorer
  Scary Pumpkin Helmet SkinPumpkinHead20HeadpieceARKaeology
  Stego Bone CostumeSkeletalStego100Costume (Stego)ARKaeology
  Stygimoloch CostumeStygiCostume100Costume (Pachy)ARKaeology
  Styracosaurus CostumeStyraCostume100Costume (Trike)ARKaeology
  Trike Bone CostumeSkeletalTrike100Costume (Trike)ARKaeology
  Wyvern Bone CostumeSkeletalWyvern100Costume (Wyvern)ARKaeology
  Dino Uncle Sam Hat SkinDinoUncleSam60SaddleARKdependence Day
  Fireworks Flaregun SkinFlaregunFireworks20EquipmentARKdependence DayAchievement: Rex Rider
  Fireworks Rocket Launcher SkinRocketFireworks20EquipmentARKdependence DayAchievement: Giga RiderAlpha Mosasaur
  Uncle Sam Hat SkinUncleSam20HeadpieceARKdependence Day
  Bunny Ears SkinBunnyHat20HeadpieceEggcellent AdventureAchievement: Artifact Archaeologist
  Candy Cane Club SkinCandyClub20EquipmentEggcellent AdventureAchievement: Lowest Depth
  Chocolate Rabbit Club SkinChocoClub20EquipmentEggcellent Adventure
  Dino Bunny Ears SkinDinoBunnyHat60SaddleEggcellent AdventureAchievement: Veteran Paleontologist
  Dino Easter Chick HatDinoChickHat60SaddleEggcellent Adventure
  Dino Easter Egg HatDinoEasterEggHat60SaddleEggcellent Adventure
  Dino Marshmallow Hat SkinDinoMarshmallowHat60SaddleEggcellent Adventure
  E4 Remote Eggsplosives SkinEggsplosives20EquipmentEggcellent Adventure
  Easter Egghead SkinNestHat20HeadpieceEggcellent Adventure
  Marshmallow Hat SkinMarshmallowHat20HeadpieceEggcellent Adventure
  Procoptodon Bunny CostumeBunnyCostume100Costume (Procoptodon)Eggcellent AdventureAchievement: Studious Explorer
  Sweet Spear Carrot SkinCarrotSpear20EquipmentEggcellent Adventure
  Basilisk Ghost CostumeGhostBasilisk100Costume (Basilisk)Fear Evolved
  Bow & Eros SkinCupidBow20EquipmentLove Evolved
  Bulbdog Ghost CostumeGhostBulbdog100Costume (Bulbdog)Fear Evolved
  Clown Mask SkinClownMask20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Alpha Ascension
  Cupid Couture Bottom SkinValentineShorts20LegpieceLove Evolved
  Cupid Couture Top SkinValentineShirt20ChestpieceLove Evolved
  Dino Witch Hat SkinDinoWitchHat60SaddleFear EvolvedAchievement: Veteran Paleontologist
  Direwolf Ghost CostumeGhostWolf100Costume (Direwolf)Fear Evolved
  DodoRex Mask SkinDodorexMask20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Gamma Ascension
  DodoWyvern Mask SkinDodowyvernHat20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Beta Ascension
  Easter Chick HatChickHat20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Easter Egg HatEggHat20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Fan Ballcap SkinJoypadCap20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Halo Headband SkinHalo20HeadpieceLove Evolved
  Headless Costume SkinHeadless20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Heart-shaped Shield SkinHeartShield20EquipmentLove Evolved
  Heart-shaped Sunglasses SkinHeartGlasses20HeadpieceLove Evolved
  Hockey Mask SkinHockeyMask20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Jack-O-Lantern Swim Bottom SkinPumpkinShorts20LegpieceFear Evolved
  Jack-O-Lantern Swim Top SkinPumpkinBakini20Chestpiece (Female only)Fear Evolved
  Jack-O-Lantern-Print Shirt SkinPumpkinShirt20ChestpieceFear Evolved
  Love Shackles SkinLovecuffs20EquipmentLove Evolved
  Mantis Ghost CostumeGhostMantis100Costume (Mantis)Fear Evolved
  Reaper Ghost CostumeGhostReaper100Costume (Reaper)Fear Evolved
  Reaper Swim Bottom SkinReaperShorts20LegpieceFear Evolved
  Reaper Swim Top SkinReaperBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Fear Evolved
  Reaper-Print Shirt SkinReaperShirt20ChestpieceFear Evolved
  Rex Ghost CostumeGhostRex100Costume (Rex)Fear Evolved
  Snow Owl Ghost CostumeGhostOwl100Costume (Snow Owl)Fear Evolved
  Teddy Bear Grenades SkinTeddyGrenades20EquipmentLove Evolved
  Vampire Eyes SkinVampireEyes20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Cure-All
  Werewolf Mask SkinWerewolfHat20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Master Zoologist
  Witch Hat SkinWitchHat20HeadpieceFear EvolvedAchievement: Veteran Survivor
  Wizard Ballcap SkinWizardCap20HeadpieceFear Evolved
  Alpha Raptor Swim Bottom SkinRaptorShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Alpha Raptor Swim Top SkinRaptorBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Araneo Swim Bottom SkinSpiderShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Araneo Swim Top SkinSpiderBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Bulbdog-Print Shirt SkinBulbdogShirt20ChestpieceSummer Bash
  Crab Fest Swim Bottom SkinCrabShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Crab Fest Swim Top SkinCrabBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Dino Ornament Swim Bottom SkinJollyShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Dino Ornament Swim Top SkinJollyBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Dodo Pie Swim Bottom SkinDodoShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Dodo Pie Swim Top SkinDodoBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Fish Bite Swim Bottom SkinFishShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Fish Bite Swim Top SkinFishBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Floral Swim Bottom SkinFloralShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Floral Swim Top SkinFloralBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Flying Disc SkinFrisbee20EquipmentSummer Bash
  Gasbags-Print Shirt SkinGasbagsShirt20ChestpieceSummer Bash
  Giga Poop Swim Bottom SkinPoopShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Giga Poop Swim Top SkinPoopBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Grilling Spatula SkinSpatula20EquipmentSummer Bash
  Ice Pop-Print Shirt SkinLollyShirt20ChestpieceSummer Bash
  Ichthy Isles Swim Bottom SkinIslandShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Ichthy Isles Swim Top SkinIslandBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Inflatable Rex Costume SkinInflatableRex20Chestpiece (Full override)Summer Bash
  Jerboa Wreath Swim Bottom SkinJerboaShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Jerboa Wreath Swim Top SkinJerboaBakini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Meat Swim Bottom SkinMeatShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Meat Swim Top SkinMeatBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Onyc Swim Bottom SkinOnycShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Onyc Swim Top SkinOnycBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Sea Life-Print Shirt SkinOceanShirt20ChestpieceSummer Bash
  Sunglasses SkinSunGlasses20HeadpieceSummer Bash
  T-Rex Swim Bottom SkinRexShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  T-Rex Swim Top SkinRexBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Turkey Swim Bottom SkinTurkeyShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Turkey Swim Top SkinTurkeyBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Vampire Dodo Swim Bottom SkinVampireShorts20LegpieceSummer Bash
  Vampire Dodo Swim Top SkinVampireBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Summer Bash
  Water Soaker SkinSuperSoaker20EquipmentSummer Bash
  Bonnet Hat SkinBonnetHat20HeadpieceTurkey Trial
  Chieftan Hat SkinTurkeyHat20HeadpieceTurkey TrialAchievement: Master Survivor
  Dodorex Swim Bottom SkinDodorexShorts20LegpieceTurkey Trial
  Dodorex Swim Top SkinDodorexBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Turkey Trial
  Dodorex-Print Shirt SkinDodorexShirt20ChestpieceTurkey Trial
  Murder Turkey Swim Bottom SkinTurkeyShorts20LegpieceTurkey Trial
  Murder Turkey Swim Top SkinTurkeyBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Turkey Trial
  Murder-Turkey-Print Shirt SkinTurkeyShirt20ChestpieceTurkey Trial
  Pilgrim Hat SkinPilgrimHat20HeadpieceTurkey Trial
  Pitchfork SkinPitchfork20EquipmentTurkey Trial
  Turkey Hat SkinTurkeyHat20HeadpieceTurkey Trial
  Turkey Leg SkinTurkeyLeg20EquipmentTurkey Trial
  Black-Ball Winter Beanie SkinBlackBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Blue-Ball Winter Beanie SkinBlueBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Christmas Bola SkinXmasBola20EquipmentWinter Wonderland
  Dino Santa Hat SkinDinoSantaHat60SaddleWinter WonderlandAchievement: Veteran Paleontologist
  Felt Reindeer Antlers SkinAntlers20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Gray-Ball Winter Beanie SkinGrayBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Green-Ball Winter Beanie SkinGreenBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Megaloceros Reindeer CostumeReindeerCostume100Costume (Megaloceros)Winter WonderlandAchievement: Adept Explorer
  Noglin Swim Bottom SkinNoglinShorts20LegpieceWinter Wonderland
  Noglin Swim Top SkinNoglinBra20Chestpiece (Female only)Winter Wonderland
  Nutcracker Slingshot SkinNutcracker20EquipmentWinter Wonderland
  Purple-Ball Winter Beanie SkinPurpleBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Red-Ball Winter Beanie SkinRedBeanie20HeadpieceWinter Wonderland
  Santa Hat SkinSantaHat20HeadpieceWinter WonderlandAchievement: Expert Survivor
  Ugly Bronto Sweater SkinUglyBronto20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Bulbdog Sweater SkinUglyBulbdog20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Carno Sweater SkinUglyCarno20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Caroling Sweater SkinUglyCarol20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Chibi Sweater SkinUglyChibi20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Cornucopia Sweater SkinUglyHarvest20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly T-Rex Sweater SkinUglyRex20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Ugly Trike Sweater SkinUglyTrike20ChestpieceWinter Wonderland
  Yeti Swim Bottom SkinYetiShorts20LegpieceWinter Wonderland
  Yeti Swim Top SkinYetiBikini20Chestpiece (Female only)Winter Wonderland