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Increase RAM allocation
  1. In the Technic client, select Launcher options in the top right.
  2. Java Settings
  3. In the Memory drop down, I would recommend increasing the memory usage to at least 4 GB.

If you do not have the option to increase above 1GB, you likely have a 32bit version of java installed.

Install the Windows Offline 64 bit edition

Control Conflicts between Pixelmon and Minecraft/Other Mods
  • 'Inventory Sorting' and 'Send Out Pokemon' are both set to 'R'. You can unbind Inventory Sorting without issue.
  • 'Use External Move' and 'Fart' are both set to 'G'. You can unbind Fart without issue.
  • 'Next Eternal Move' and 'Set Waypoint' are both set to 'B'. You can either unbind 'Set Waypoint' (and just manually create waypoints via the map by pressing [J]), or you can choose to rebind one of the two keys.

I would personally recommend swapping the Sprint and Sneak keys. In Minecraft, 'Sprint' is CTRL and 'Sneak' is SHIFT - which is backwards compared to pretty much any game. Note that a lot of Minecraft's mods and plugins use 'Sprint' and 'Sneak' and that swapping them will swap all other interactions with those buttons (e.g. you need to hold the sneak key to withdraw a stack from dedicate storage boxes).