ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki

Missing template documentation[]

Hey, I saw you trying to (;p) document the Devkitalias template. I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to it yet, I'll work on adding proper documentation to templates soon. -- IllegalOpcode (talk) 16:31, 22 July 2015 (UTC)

Yeah I messed it up with a loop lol I forgot to add nowiki. But the way I was doing it is a badway anyway so I removed it --SharpShot gif (talk) 16:38, 22 July 2015 (UTC)

Better render[]

Hey! I saw you updated the metal arrow image with a better render. How did you do that? The version I uploaded wasn't a render, it was simply the icon file extracted, converted, and with black made transparent, which didn't look great, but was better than nothing. I'd love to be able to render stuff the way you did it. -- IllegalOpcode (talk) 13:17, 1 August 2015 (UTC)

Oh I see. I didn't render mine either I exported the icon image using the devkit then removed the alpha channel in photoshop then saved. The black is the alpha you can removed it by going to the images channels and Ctrl clicking on the alpha then inverting the selected area by Ctrl + Shift + i then back to the layer and press delete if done right it will remove the black background.When saving make sure you have the image quality as high as possible if you use save for web. --SharpShot gif (talk) 18:27, 1 August 2015 (UTC)
Ah, cool, thanks! I don't have Photoshop, I prefer using ImageMagick for image manipulation, but I'll see if I can't figure out how to do this with that. :] -- IllegalOpcode (talk) 19:15, 3 August 2015 (UTC)