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Weapon mechanics describe the characteristics of the different weapons in ARK: Survival Evolved.


See: Weapons

Reload Time (theoretical)[]


How much time it takes when you empty your magazine until it is filled again. Theoretical means that it is the time until the weapon is loaded in your inventory (not how long it takes until you are able to shoot again), this means that you can reload cancel at this point or put your gun away and it is loaded next time you pull it out.

Reload Times[]

Weapon Reload Time (s)
Bow Bow 00.66
Compound Bow Compound Bow 00.66
Crossbow Crossbow 02.61
Crossbow Crossbow w/ Grappling Hook 00.66
Fabricated Pistol Fabricated Pistol 01.45
Fabricated Sniper Rifle Fabricated Sniper Rifle 04.24
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 02.18
Longneck Rifle Longneck Rifle 04.30
Pump-Action Shotgun Pump-Action Shotgun 04.30
Shotgun Shotgun 03.33
Simple Pistol Simple Pistol 03.33
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 03.57
C4 Charge C4 Charge 00.60

Video Tests[]

Weapon Reload Times Frame Analysis

Draw Times[]


Draw time is defined as the time it takes between hitting the use button on an item and actually being able to pull it out and use it.


Weapon Draw time (s)
Bow Bow 01:03
Compound Bow Compound Bow 01:09
Crossbow Crossbow 01:14
Fabricated Pistol Fabricated Pistol 01:02
Fabricated Sniper Rifle Fabricated Sniper Rifle 01:00
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle 01:00
Longneck Rifle Longneck Rifle 01:00
Pump-Action Shotgun Pump-Action Shotgun 01:05
Flare Gun Flare Gun 01:02
Shotgun Shotgun 01:05
Simple Pistol Simple Pistol 01:02
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 01:04
Slingshot Slingshot 01:05

Video Tests[]

Weapon Draw Times Frame Analysis

Please keep in mind that these are tested manually. There can be a small delay between actually being able to fire and hitting the fire button due to human mistakes.