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Whitedove Falls Cave
WhiteDove Falls Cave (Ragnarok).jpg
a hidden cave
Ragnarok Topographic Map.jpg
27.3° Lat, 47.7° Lon
27.9° Lat, 47.9° Lon

WhiteDove Falls Cave is a cave hidden in the WhiteDove Falls.


This cave is hidden behind a waterfall. It offers a lake and some resources inside. There are also two small caverns at the bottom of both the left and the right waterfall where you can easily store your bigger land-based creatures. One entrance is behind the left waterfall at the terrace and can be entered on foot by putting at least three foundation pieces for stairs (use stone for the best blending) near the edge somewhere (there's a pretty incognito nook). Another (flyers only) entrance is behind the middle water flow above the highest of the three stones that stick out of the water. The metal resources in the cave are in odd corners near the ceilings in some places so it still might require venturing out for some more accessible deposits.


This cave has no Creature Spawns.



  • Because of it’s location and the fact that a   Wyvern can fit into the cave, it could make a great place to raise   Wyverns.