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Whitesky Peak
Whitesky Peak.jpg
Tall Mountain in the North-West, Housing the Blue Obelisk.
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The Whitesky Peak (previously known as The Radiant) sits in the northwest of The Island, with the blue Obelisk hovering above it.


This location lays in the tundra region. Here it is cold enough to cause hypothermia. Unprepared survivors should camp nearby and go into the tundra for short periods of time as hypothermia hurts you.


Covered with rocks and snowy bushes and snow everywhere as well as ice. It is filled with roving packs of direwolves, and herds of mammoths. The lone sabertooth stalks the large antlered megaloceros in this diverse land. Hypothermic insulation is a must here since the temperatures are nearly always below freezing. This is not a place for new survivors since even hide armor will not keep you warm, only fur and campfires. Or buff up stamina so you can run longer and it'll keep your muscles warm. A torch may keep you a bit warm as well. For those survivors who plan on living here permanently it is recommended to increase fortitude, as this will make you more resilient to the bitter cold. Wolves are very quick so a dino escort would not go amiss for defense. Rexes are also indigenous on the mountain and can be found wandering further into the valley. Beware as the giganotosaurus also stalks this area.

These dangers do not come without reward. The mountain is rich with metal, crystal, and obsidian. Crystal can be found throughout, and oil rocks are on the cliffs near the oceans. Silica pearls are easily obtainable in the shallows, even without scuba gear and on the shores. The wandering mammoths, deer, and wolves are a rich source of pelt, which can be fashioned into fur armor, or traded to those without the mettle to venture into these dangerous lands.

If you can survive, the Whitesky Peak can be a wonderful home.






From Local Creatures[]


  • Before the snow biome update (216.0) the mountain was called 'The Radiant'.
    • It is called "Mt Tianhui"(Tianhui is the direct translation of "The Radiant") in Chinese version, even after the snow biome update, due to the lack of suitable translation for "Whitesky Peak".
  • To survive with hide armor while you try to get fur armor: Place two standing torches on a stone foundation. Campfires will work as well, but don't burn as long. Stand between the two until your health is full. You'll then have about 10 minutes to run out for pelts or resources until you have to come back and warm up again. Works well until you get your fur. Having high health will likely help more than fortitude, as fortitude alone will not be enough to protect you from the freezing temperatures.
    • Using a raft is also a viable way to acquire pelt, as all creatures which provide it cannot swim well. As long as you have a decent supply of arrows, it is very easy to kite them out into the water and shoot them until they die. Once cleared out, dive into the water and harvest their corpses, though be wary of any megalodon in the waters. This method also allows you to keep campfires or standing torches right next to you the entire time, protecting you from the cold. though be cautious because   Leedsichthys spawn nearby.
  • There are no megatherium or daedon here on Mobile


Spoiled Meat.png This section may contain spoilers related to the background-story of ARK: Survival Evolved.
If you want to experience the story ingame, you probably shouldn't continue reading on this section.
  • In ARK Lore, Whitesky Peak is an important location in the story.
    • In Helena The Island Explorer Note #4, Helena traveled with the Howling Wolves when realized something is wrong about the Island when a   Rex was wandering around in the snow biome while it attacked a   Mammoth.
    • In Rockwell The Island Explorer Note #6, he traveled to Whitesky Peak to gather plants and   Woolly Rhino Horns for his experiments and tested his   Fria Curry with the Howling Wolves.
    • It is also the location of the Blue Obelisk, where the   Megapithecus can be summoned
      • In Mei-Yin's Explorer Note #27 and Nerva's Explore Note #25, both Mei-Yin's tames and Nerva's New Legion fought each other with the former side being weakened from their fight against the Megapithecus until Mei-Yin's   Giganotosaurus went into rage mode and attacked both sides until it too was killed in the slaughter.