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Wooden Chair
Wooden Chair
A simple wooden chair for solo sitting.
Decay time
Stack size
Added in
Spawn Command
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Structures/Wooden/PrimalItemStructure_Furniture_WoodChair.PrimalItemStructure_Furniture_WoodChair'" 1 0 0
Required level
Engram points
6 EP
Crafting XP
2.92 XP
Crafted in
18 × Thatch Thatch
14 × Fiber Fiber
Purchased in
15 × Cuts (Mobile) Cuts (ARK: Survival Evolved Mobile)

The Wooden Chair is a decorative item that can be placed on any foundation. The player can sit down on a chair. While sitting in a chair a player does not lose any food. Unlike most other structures, which you only can destroy once placed, the Wooden Chair can be picked up. Also if you were to be in the later parts of the game, if there's a player that is unconscious or sleeping you can handcuff them to a chair and they wont be able to get out of there unless you remove them from the chair or take off the handcuffs


  • The Wooden Chair is treated as a wooden structure and can not be damaged by hands, stone weapons, or non-explosive ranged attacks.
  • The following aggressive creatures can not damage the Wooden Chair:
  • Chairs will always start stamina regeneration, no matter where it is placed. This makes it excellent for diving trips. And as an added bonus, they are lightweight when carried in small numbers. Just make sure to watch your O2!

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Wooden Chair PaintRegion1

Region 1:
Seat Cushion

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