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Wyvern Cave
Wyvern Cave (Ragnarok)
Ragnarok Topographic Map
68.7° Lat, 42.0° Lon

The Wyvern Cave is a huge cave in the South.


Similar to the Dragonmalte Trench, the Wyvern Cave is a natural spawn for Wyvern Eggs (excluding Ice Wyvern eggs). The terrain is varied enough to prevent survivors from easily traversing it, and the lighting is dark; however, this makes it easy to spot eggs.There is also a very high amount of Crystal on most surfaces.

The cave is above water, behind a rock, and a waterfall. To enter, survivors will need either a flying mount, preferably with high speed and stamina to get away from tailing wyverns, or a mount capable of swimming in.

Multiple pockets exist in the cave that might have Wyverns hiding out in them, but they do not have Wyvern nests in the pockets. Nests seem to only exist in the main chamber.




  • There are high amounts of Crystal, Salt, and even Plant Species X if the player can handle wyverns.
  • It is difficult, though possible to steal an egg on foot. Using a Grappling Hook or a Climbing Pick, you can get high enough to steal an egg. If you were to get to the water, wyverns seem to lose aggro and will not use special attacks. Preserving your stamina and oxygen correctly, you can swim to the shore and run along the coast. It is recommended to have some way to breathe underwater to avoid the wyverns breathe weapons.
  • Although rather difficult, an egg can be stolen using a Megalania. Swim into the cave undetected, then climb up onto the high ledges and quickly steal an egg before plunging back into the safety of the water below. It is recommended to use some way to breathe underwater, such as a Lazarus Chowder or a Scuba Tank, as you will be exposing your self on the surface if you don't stay submerged. Pump into the Megalania Oxygen, Movement Speed, and Stamina.
  • There is actually a Wyvern Nest location that is accessible without the use of a flyer or climbing and can be walked to from the water.
  • Importing a rock drake from Aberration makes stealing eggs in this cave amazingly easy, as the rock drake can hide in the water and swim to safety after stealing an egg.
  • Using "Classic Flyer" mod will cause wyverns to spam here(as many as able to crash the game).